I chose skype over you

Zoey Williams was adding random people saying they were one direction what happens when she sees that this isn't fake??

and this is like pretty sexual soo..


1. My Fandom Took Over Me

Zoeys POV*
I ran upstairs crying, I hate my mum never in my life have I met such a selfish and bitchy person as her, I mean she's terrifying at times but today was the usual 'why did you get this mark for this blah blah'.
I locked my door and turned on my laptop and logged into Skype and browsed through people who claimed to be One Direction but first I should explain something..
I love one direction they're sex gods, they are my idols I love them and especially Dimples (Harry) my room is covered I don't even think there is walls lol, so people accepted my requests and then I just chose a random one who said they were Harry Styles, so I videoed them and then they answered and I just sat there with my mouth wide open..

Harrys POV*
I just got home and I logged onto my Skype and saw I had a friend request and the profile pic of the girl was beautiful and she looked about 18 years old, so I accepted it and I hoped she'd call but then again she'd probs scream man I hate that I know I know i'm in a huge boy band and I hate screaming fans..
a couple minutes later the girl videoed me and I answered although she didn't scream I could tell she was a huge fan, her room was covered in posters and evn had my last name with #1 on it
I liked her already and then I decided to speak..

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