I chose skype over you

Zoey Williams was adding random people saying they were one direction what happens when she sees that this isn't fake??

and this is like pretty sexual soo..


7. Meeting The Others

Zoeys POV*
I was still in shock with harry kissing me in front of everyone
I was smiling like a fool!
"harry I cant believe this you're here"
"I know I couldn't think straight with out you! I.. I love you Zoey!"
he said he loved me holy cow..
"I love you to dimples!"
all my friends ran over too me including my bestie Megan she is just the cutest, she saw Louis, she has a HUGE crush on him but she always said ' a famous sex god like hi wont date me' well now was her chance..
Megans POV*
One Fucking Direction is here and Harry is so in love with Zoey and then I saw a cheeky grin omg omg its Louis holy shit, he makes his way over to me..
"hey Im Louis Tomlinson"
"umm I KNOW! your like my fave in the band!"
he chuckles I swear my ovaries just died..
"well would you like to dance?"
I nodded and he pulled me to the dance floor and I could see that Zoey was watching I mouthed to her 'OMG LOOOK!!"
she just laughed and started dancing with Harry to 'Can i have this dance '
Louis POV*
the most beautiful girl is dancing with me wait what why am I saying that im the 'Famous one' she just makes me feel different..
Harry POV*
im dancing with my princess the most beautiful girl ever and I can see Louis is dancing with her friend Megan who's nervous I can tell cause she's fidgeting with a charm bracelet and Louis turns so he's facing me he gave me a thumbs up I laughed and so did Zoey, she so cute nuzzling up to me while im singing to her and then her favourite song came on 'can we dance' she was crazy she ran to Megan and they danced having a ball me and Louis were agreeing how perfect they were and that was the best night of my entire life..

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