I chose skype over you

Zoey Williams was adding random people saying they were one direction what happens when she sees that this isn't fake??

and this is like pretty sexual soo..


9. Losing It Say What?

Zoeys POV*
*beep beep*
curse you stupid alarm clock I grabbed it and threw it at the wall and broke it oh well.. I laughed at my stupid sarcasm..
I got out of bed realising what happened yesterday I fucking hate Chrissy never has any of my so called 'friends' done this to me she knew he was bad news but im not going to lash out right now I have to get ready for school its Halloween so the school is having dress up day I already bought mine but I chose it cause im not popular im not in that criteria so this is what I chose to wear hoping guys will fall head over heels for me
I wore this with 3/4 lace socks and a pair of Black stilettos I really hope it works but I know harry wants me its just idk what to do while hes gone and I think I need to move on..
I got to school I got out of the car all the boys jaws drop t the ground and I laugh thinking about that actually happening I walk off to class all the boys are following me to my locker and I see the girls dressed up as Miley Cyrus, Fiona from Adventuretime
they saw me and they were speechless!
"omg you look FUCKING HOT!"
"so do you guys skanky yet classy"
we all laugh together and walk to class and I walk in and there she is..
Chrissys POV*
I didn't dress up not my style and all the boys started whistling at me I think and I look in their direction HOLY SHIT! Zoey dressed up and she looks sexy and that's unusual and coming in with her are Brianna and Megan and they both look hot and I see Dylan drooling over them and I hit him in the gut
"OOWWW what the fuck!"
"stop drooling over them!"
"well Zoey looks fucking hot in that corset..."
and before I knew it I heard my self screaming..
Zoeys POV*
all the boys are staring at me its getting harder to concentrate and then all the girls immediately scream
I recognized that voice.. HARRY no no he so cant see me like this..
"Miss Williams"
"yes sir?"
"could you please show Mr styles his locker"
fuck he cant see me like this
I sighed and got up and harrys eyes grew wide with lust I actually giggled a bit I walked over to him
I whisper in his ear
"lets go dimples"
he nods and follows we get to his locker and he pushes me up against it kissing me deeply
"this is a very sexy costume trying to impress anyone"
I giggled
"no only you"
"well I need a couple pics"
I nod we take cute/silly pics and put them on twitter omg I cant believe all over twitter is me in my corset..
"why are you here harry?"
"I have to do year 12 again"
"oh okay well wanna take this somewhere else?"
he took my hand and leads me to his range rover and once we were inside he started kissing me and after awhile we were breathless
"I think we should continue at my house tonight and then I get to unwrap you"
"of course dimples"
"see you then"
I hop out and we go to our separate classes but I couldn't concentrate he didn't know I was a virgin..

A/N hey again next chapter does get steamy..  so if you cant handle it please I advise you don't read it

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