im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


68. whats going on

i woke up and untangled myself from liam. i went to the bathroom washed my face then i stripped and got in the shower and washed myelf. i got out and put on a black shirt that says i would rather wear flowers in my hair then diamonds around my neck then a put on gray harem pants (pants like justins)  and my black adidas. Then i straightened my hair and then sat down on my bed next to liam.

liam: okay dont freak out 

jaz: why would i

liam: were on E! news 

jaz: so 

liam: just watch



Host: okay we're back!!!! okay so we have a new couple JAZMINE ARK AND LIAM PAYNE!!!!! we have a video to prove it 


Liam: run

Jaz: Liam heels

*hotel parkings lot*

Pap: are you guys dating

Jaz: yes

Pap: can we get a picture of you guys kissing

Jaz: want to

Liam: your lips on mine you don't have to ask

Pap: thanks and jazmine what happened to justin

Jaz: my heart doesn't belong to him

____end of video_____

host: theres your proof how did you like it jessica

(i dont know their names)

jessica: i love the part at the beginning when liam said run and jazmine said liam heels and he took his shoes off and he ran with socks so adorable!!!!

host: hey jazmine hes a keeper!!!

jessica: yes whats your favorite part 

host: when he said your lips on mine you dont have to ask

jessica: if you guys are confused about the last part with justin well he cheated on jazmine with one of her dancers and they didnt know she knew so she humiliated them at one of her concerts its on youtube if you wanna see it.

host: oh and an insider says that the dancer Danielle was fired she is no longer on the tour.

jessica: well i hope jazmine and liam stay together and have little paynes!!!

host: okay thats it for today  

i turned the tv off and looked at liam

jaz: you thought it was gonna be bad

liam: usually when youre on it its bad

jaz: whats that suppose to mean

liam: justin made you appear on here

jaz: yeah pretty much

i smiled and then the door bursted open. we looked at the door and saw a really pissed justin

justin: what the hell!!!

jaz: what

justin: the video you said your heart doesnt belong to me anymore

jaz: duh!! you lost that when you and danielle made that plan in the hospital 

justin: you didnt have to tell people that 

jaz: well they already knew

justin: so im old news

jaz: pretty much and liam is new adorable news

justin: can i talk to you in the hall

jaz; not if youre gonna say im sorry please forgive me let me prove it to you

justin: fine i wont say that

we walked into the hallway and closed the door

justin: jazzy baby im sorry i didnt know what gotten into me its just that nothing was happening nothing exciting

jaz: you mean no sex no making out... justin im on tour im to busy for all that its just wasnt gonna happen

justin: iknow but i wanted to do something crazy like at least jump in the pool  naked

jaz: that would never happen bye justin i got to get back to liam

justin: i never got my last kiss from you 

jaz: i dont think you will

justin: please 


justin: please 

jaz: ugh fine only on the cheek

he smiled and then i kissed his cheek 

jaz: goodbye justin

justin: goodbye jazmine 

ugh now hes going through that faze when he feels bad about what he did.

liam: what did he say

jaz: hes sorry he didnt know what he was doing

liam: oh that sorry faze

jaz: yes that sorry faazr

liam: imma go to my hotel

jaz: no you can hang here

liam: clothes stink you do know what that is right\

jaz: yes i do and i smell really good most of the time 

liam: most of the time

jaz: the tour sweat ugh its gross\

liam: okay what clothes am i going to wear

jaz: justin

liam: i guess

i got up and ran to justins room 

jaz: hey justin

justin: hey jaz

jaz: can liam borrow some of your clothes 

justin: only for you

jaz: yay im picking them out

i grabbed black jeans and a white v neck he had black shoes. i hugged justin and then ran to my room

jaz: okay go take a shower and put this on *throwing the clothes*

liam: okay 

he walked in the bathroom. while i was waiting for him a started singing one of my songs. once i turned around i saw him leaning on the door frame. 

liam: i love that song

jaz: well thank you you ready

liam: yup and where are we going

jaz: park

liam: i got dressed in justins clothes and used girly shampoo for that 

jaz: you used my shampoo *smelling his hair*

liam: at least my hair smells like strawberries and watermelons!!!


liam: well twin lets get going 

we got in his car and drove to the park. once he parked i jumped out and waited for him at the front of his car.

liam: okay where do you wanna go

jaz: THE SWINGS!!!!!!!!

liam: of course

i grabbed his hand and ran to the swings i sat down and liam pushed me . about 10 minutes of swinging and laughing i stood on the swing and turned to liam 

jaz: kiss...

liam: sure

we leaned in and then we kissed then we heard flashes we looked to our left and saw the paparazzi running towards us

jaz: ran

we started to run to the car when i felt my body floating i looked at liam and he was carrying me bridal style. 

jaz:you didnt have to 

liam: yes i did 

jaz: why 

liam: because you cant run * laughing*

jaz: how rude * laughing*

we drove to the hotel and liam dropped me off. i walked into the hotel room and saw jacky on the phone with someone 

Jacky: okay ill bring her there no worries and what does she have to wear 


jacky: okay what time 


jacky: 9 okay great 


jacky: great okay bye

she hung up 

jaz: whats going on 

jacky: oh dear you scared me *grabbed her chest*

jaz: whats going on

jacky: nothing 

jaz: is it for me

jacky: you got to promise not to tell anyone

jaz: okay 

jacky: its for selena 

jaz: why

jacky: for starting her album 

jaz: oh okay

jacky: okay start getting ready at 8 though 

jaz: okay 











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