im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


28. weirdos!!!

I woke up in a pool of sweat.

Jaz:•breathing heavy• justin justin

Justin: yes..what's wrong

Jaz: I had a dream about someone kidnapping us and killing you infront of me

Justin: no one can or will take me away from you


Justin: promise

I knew he couldn't keep it but it's the thought that counts

Jaz: I can't go to sleep

Justin: want me to make you a latte

Jaz: I'm coming with you

Justin: okay.....get on my back

I hopped on his back and he walked downstairs.

Jaz: why do you do this

Justin: what do you mean

Jaz: why are you so nice to me

Justin: you're the love of my life you are the reason why I smile.....I'm in love with you

Jaz: I love you too

I got off his back and ran into the kitchen.

Justin: I love it when you're weird!!

Then we started playing hide and seek.

Justin: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ready or not here I come and if I get you we have to cuddle and kiss all day long!!

I hid behind the couch. Then I heard him get closer, I ran upstairs to his room I was right on my tail we ran around and around in circles around his bed then he stopped and I didn't realize then I ran into him then he smashed our lips together and became a full on make-out session.

About 2 hours of making out it turned out to be more then that.

I took my short off and I took his off. I licked his abs then he took my pants off and my undergarments. I looked him In His eyes and took the rest of his clothes off. He thrusted slowly after awhile he thrusted faster and faster

Justin: what's my name

Jaz: j-j-justin dr-Drew BIEBER!! •moan•

Then he went deep and faster.

It was like 2 hours later and we kept on.then I heard someone gasp it was selena

Selena:•looking down• I didn't see anything

Then she closed the door.

Justin: well ROUND 3 tonight?!

Jaz:•I touched his jerry•maybe...

Then I put my bathrobe on and walked downstairs

Justin: you're such a TEASE!!!

Jaz: hey

Selena: so how was it

Jaz: AMAZING!!!!!

Selena: I could hear you a mile away

Jaz: then why did you walk in

Selena: I didn't know it was you guys I thought it was a tv or something

Jaz: yeah whatever

Then I walked towards the kitchen and then I heard Justin's voice come from the living room

Justin: Jaz can you come here please

Jaz: coming

Justin: would you want to walk on the red carpet with me

I saw selena in the corner of my eye smiling like and idiot

Jaz: of course I would love to

Justin: great Imma go get a dress for and I have my to get my suit.

He ran upstairs and took a shower.

Selena: your first red carpet

Jaz: I know I wonder what dress he got

Justin: it's a SURPRISE!!

Jaz: that was quick

Justin: yeah I'm excited okay I'll see you later •kissing my cheek• just text me when or if you leave the house

Jaz: okay I love you

Justin: I love you too bye baby

Jaz: bye justy

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