im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


76. they're coming....

Justin: jazmine ark I need you to here me out...YOU are the most elegant princess In the world , I need you more than you would ever know. I want to wake up to your gorgeous face smiling at me I want your kissable cheeks I want you to be mine and only mine I want you and only you....will you marry me

I looked at justin and tears started to fall I smiled

Jaz: you have to promise me one thing

Justin: anything

Jaz: don't go breaking my heart


I giggled and nodded


I jumped in his arms and kissed him. He slid the ring on my finger and I looked at it,and it was HUGE!!!!!

Jaz: you did not just spend around 1,000,000

Justin: ha babe no where close it was around 7,000,000

Jaz: you spoil me too much

I kissed his cheek and he grabbed my hand and we walk through the mob of fans and paparazzi

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in the car~~~~~~~~~~~~

Justin: so we are going to get your stuff from-

Jaz: the hell hole I use to call home

Justin: whatever floats your boat

We smiled at eachother. About 15 minutes later we pulled up to the hell hole. We got out and I knocked on the door. After hearing rustling and then the door unlocked the door opened and revealed Niall.

Niall: JAZMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He hugged me and I hugged back

Naill: justin hey what's up

Jaz: here to get my stuff

Naill: oh okay come in

We walked in and we went to get my stuff out the bedroom. I opened the door and saw Liam sitting on his bed on his laptop

Liam: hey

Jaz: hi

Liam: you here to get your stuff

Jaz: yup

I grabbed my clothes and stuffed my clothes in my suitcases. Grabbed my makeup shoes etc and walked towards the door until I felt someone grab my hand

Liam: who gave you the ring

Jaz: justin now bye

Liam: wait jazmine this won't be the last time you see me

Jaz: unfortunately I believe you bye Liam

Liam: bye

I walked downstairs and saw justin struggling with my bags

Jaz: hmmmm I'm guessing you need help

Justin: no I'm a manly man I can handle carrying bags

Jaz: okay •giggling•

I watched him walking towards the car dropping one of my bags on the way and bend down and pick up the bag. Oh look at that ass!!! I walked to the car got in and waited for justin to get in. Once he got in a bit my lip and then justin looked at me

Justin: stop you're turning me on

Jaz: that ass turned me on a long time ago

Justin: oh really

I nodded

~~~~justin house~~~~~

Justin opened my door and then pushed me up against the car and I jumped In his arm wrapping my legs around his waist. We started to kiss and then he walked to the front door and opened the door he moved to my neck making me moan then we heard a cabinet slam and my dad was there just staring at us

Dad: not gonna happen

Jaz: we weren't gonna do anything

Dad: I know I trust you not to do anything until you are officially married are you even a virgin

Jaz: hahahaha nope

Dad: who took it

I looked at justin and he scratched the back of his neck and raised his hand

Justin: me sir

Dad: so you justin took her virginity

We both nodded and my dad smiled

Dad: thank god it wasn't Liam

Jaz: you're not mad

Dad: not really

Jaz:'thank god

~~~~~~~night time~~~~~~

Justin: now where were we

Jaz: I believe we were making out

I lay justin down and put my legs on both sides of him and started to kiss him. It soon got heated and then justin and I were both naked. He flipped me over so I was on the bottom and then he kissed me from my lips to my boobs then he massaged them then he kissed my stomach and then he looked at me

Justin: ready

Jaz: I was born ready

Justin: I love you tell me if it hurts

I nodded and then he put his dick inside me. Then he thrusted more

Jaz: faster

He thrusted faster making me moan. Then justin whispered in my ear what's my name

Jaz: justin

Justin: louder


I arched my back

Jaz: Imma cum

Justin: hold it

He pulled out and then he put 4 fingers inside of me and then he said cum I released and then he pulled his fingers out and then put it in his mouth he moved to my boobs and then kissed them and smirked

Justin: you have huge boobs

Jaz: acting like you haven't seen them before

Justin: I missed them

I giggled and then he kissed my boobs again and then sucked on my nipples

Jaz: oh oh oh justin

He rubbed me and then I wrapped my legs around his waist (still laying down) he put his dick inside me and thrusted harder and sloppier than before then I started to scratch his back he pulled out and then he looked at me I flipped him over and rubbed his dick I grabbed it and placed it inside of me and then he started to ride him.


Jaz: harder?

Justin: the hardest you can go

He started to go harder and then he bent his knees letting me lean back and then we were both sitting up

Jaz: hurry up

He chuckled and then he thrusts. He lifted me up and then lay me on my stomach

Jaz: what are you doing

Justin: you'll like it just wait

He put his dick in my ass and then I bent my legs and he grabbed my waist pulling me forwards and backwards. I kept saying oh oh and moaned every once in awhile. We got tired and then lay down.

Justin: oh I haven't had that good sex since forever

Jaz: you missed me

Justin: you have no idea

I kissed him and then we cuddled up my legs were crossed with his and he was still humping me he kept sucking on my neck and then I fell asleep with his tongue licking my neck.


I woke up to Justin's head in the crook of my neck I pulled out of Justin's grip and then went to the bathroom to pee. Once I did I looked at my body and saw I had tiny hickeys on my neck,stomach, legs,and boobs

Justin: you like my marks

Jaz: nope..I love them

Justin: good cause now you're mine

I kissed him and then he grabbed my ass making my jump.

Jaz: justin

Justin: I love it when you moan my name do it again

I rubbed his dick and whispered justin in his name then I licked his lips which he opened after I whispered justin again and he kissed me and closed his eyes I whspered his name again but then I stopped rubbing him and he whimpered

Justin: baby

Jaz: I'm hungry

I ran to the bedroom grabbed a tshirt and some shorts then waited for justin he put on a pair of shirts and we walked downstairs. My dad was downstairs drinking his coffee when he noticed us he raised his eyebrows and then smirked

Dad: you were pretty loud last night... •cough• jazmine •cough•

Jaz: DAD!!!!

Then Ryan came downstairs


Jaz: when the hell did you live here

Ryan: a few weeks after we saw eachother at my old job

Jaz: oh but was I that loud

Justin: yes you even left scratches in my back

He turned around and I saw long scratches in his back


Jaz: oh SHUTUP!!!

Justin: you know you liked it

Dad: okay I will be outside not listening to my daughters sex life

Jaz: thank you

Once he went outside I looked at justin

Jaz: no I didn't like it I loved it I loved it so much I want you in the shower

Ryan: damn

Justin: you horny Jaz

Jaz: I was joking

I kissed him and then I went to make toast for me and the boys.

Justin: thanks

Ryan: can you pass the jelly

I gave him the jelly and watched them stuff their faces.

Jaz: pigs

I ate my toast and then went to the bathroom. I looked army face in disgust. No matter what they say I still think I'm ugly. I rolled my eyes and looked at my wrist. I still have the scars I shook the feeling of cutting out my head. I got in the shower. When I got out I heard my phone ding saying I got a message. I ran out and grabbed my phone it was a blocked number

Blocked number:

I look forward to seeing you


Is this Liam

Blocked number:

Ha no just know you'll see me soon


How soon

Blocked number:

Sooner than you think

I turned off my phone and sat on the bed. Who just texted me.... The door opened making me jump

Justin: you okay

Jaz: uhh someone's texting me and I have no idea who.

He looked through my phone and then he shut it off

Justin: if it's not Liam then who do you think it is

Jaz: like I said I have no idea who

I got dress: a black tanktop denim shorts and my black converses.

Justin: are you ready

Jaz: let's go get this planning started

~~~~~~~~at the planner~~~~~~~~

Lady; okay what color do you want your wedding

Justin: purple and white

Lady: okay traditional right

Jaz: yes

Lady: okay cupcakes or cake

Justin: can we have both

Lady: sure what kind

Jaz: red velvet and vanilla

Lady: we will have taste tester when you come again and can you make a list of people you want to invite with the addresses.

Jaz: great


Jaz: where do you wanna go

Justin: hmm anywhere you wanna go

Jaz: Nike

Justin: Yay

We got to Nike and looked for shoes I picked a pair and started walk to justin but someone bumped into me

Jaz: sorry I wasn-

I looked up and saw Austin

Austin: hey

Then the messages started to appear in my head

Jaz: you you're the blocked messages

Austin: I'm just hear to tell you we're coming

Jaz: who's coming

Austin: you gotta find out yourself oh and I'm really sorry about what happened on Ellen

Jaz: uhhh okay

I ran to justin and he looked at me worried

Justin: you okay

Jaz: Austin....he said they're coming


Guys!!!!! OMG lol okay I added a little something for those dirty minded beliebers!!! I haven't done that in awhile (even if it may have been the last chapter.... But I can't thank you guys enough for reading!!! SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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