im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


4. there were sparks

We walked out of the school and drove to i think ryan's house.

Jazmine: what are we doing here 

Ryan: youre going to meet my family 

Jazmine: okay 

Ryan can be an ass and be so sweet 

Ryan pulled me inside his house and his mom ran up to me and hugged me 

Ryan:so sweetheart this is my family 

(I dont know if he has a sister but whatever) 

Then his sister  came down the stairs 

Ryan: and this is my bitchy sister rachel

Rachel:go fuck your girl already and then dump her for someone else

Jazmine:what is she talking about 

Rachel:okay hun lets go to my room and talk 

Then ryan grabbed my arm 


Jazmine: no.... i can do what ever i want now let go 

Rachel: well your toy doesnt listen to you 

Ryan: just go 

Rachel: jaz  come on we have to talk

Then we went to her room 

Rachel: okay so ryan only wants you because justin wants you i neard them talking about it 

Then the doorbell rang. Rachel.ran downstairs to open it, i walked  down the stairs and Saw justin. He turned to me with his caramel eyes and said you okay. I nodded then he looked at my arm and shook his head and mouthed no youre not. Then i Sat down on the couch. 

Ryan: so what did you and rachel talk about 

Jazmine: do you Really want me to tell you now 

Ryan: youre right lets go to my room

Then he dragged me to his room 

Ryan: now.what did she say 

Jazmine: she only want me because justin wants me 

Ryan: do you believe her 


Then he hit me, i looked at him then started to back up 

Ryan: im so sorry 

Jazmine: leave me alone!!!!!!!! 

Then justin and his family ran upstairs.

His mom: whats wrong 

Then justin looked at my cheek 

Justin: he hit her 

His mom: is this true 

Ryan: no....

His mom: then explain the red hand print on her face 

Ryan: i.... 

His mom: no jazmine you may go and you dont have to hang out with ryan anymore 

Justin: i can take you home 

Jazmine: thanks

Then he hugged me until we got to his car. The whole way to my house we sang and laughed. 

Justin: were here

I hugged him then i wonderful.lips on mine there were sparks

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