im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


11. the heart is the target

I got in the car and I was furious!! I tried to save her ass but nope she didn't wa- I was shook out of my thought from justin talking

Justin: you okay we can talk if you want

Jaz: nope don't want to put all of my problems on you

Justin: whoa thank god I sure didn't want to listen

Jaz: you ass ~laughing~ why did you ask

Justin: well because you're face tensed up and your nose went up and you were cracking your knuckles like you want to punch something

Jaz: I'm sorry but the nerve of that bitch

Justin: you wanna talk about it

Jaz: no

Justin: yes you do!!

Jaz: no

Justin: yes

Jaz: fine yes

Justin: knew it

Jaz: I was helping her but no she wanted to handle it her self even though she wasn't going to do shit about it that bitch oh my gosh she is so stubborn Imma let Ryan beat her ass and then she going to come back crawling to me saying I'm sorry I didn't mean it

Then we walked inside of the house and I was talking to myself while justin went to the restroom.

Them the doorbell rang

Justin: ~running to the door~ I going to get the door before you punch somebody

Jaz: yeah the nerve of that girl!!

Justin: speaking of the nerve of THAT GIRL ~telling me grace was at the door~

Then grace walked into the house and walked to me

Jaz: what do you want

Grace: I'm sorry I didn't mean it I was mad and in shock and I was scared and a lot of feelings going through my head I'm really really really sorry

Jaz: he beat you when you went back to his house

Grace:~looking down~ yes

Jaz: I told you i told you

Justin: you guys a bestfriends Jaz just make up with this girl so there's no drama!

Grace: yeah listen to justin

I looked at justin and he was nodding his head and smiling and then I looked at grace and she had tears in her eyes pleading for me to forgive her.

Jaz: okay I forgive her

Then she tackled me in a hug. Then justin joined in the group hug.

All of a sudden the front door bursted open and I heard Ryan's voice then we kneeled to the ground


then I saw justin pull out 3 guns from a box in a cabinet and handed me and grace one.

Justin:~whispering~ We have to spilt up

Justin looked me in my eyes and kissed me because he knew I was scared

Justin: I will see you when we get the ass out of the house

Jaz: okay I love you

Then gave him a kiss and I crawled to the dining room. I saw Ryan walking in and I stood up and aimed at Ryan

Ryan: you won't do anything jazzy!!

Then justin and grace ran in


Justin: Ryan dude put the gun down

Ryan: nope you steal every girl I want now I'm stealing her back no wait I may take her life away so don't take another step or I shoot.

Ryan walked towards me aiming at my heart and I was aiming at his heart. I saw justin and the corner of my eye and mouthed the words I love you so much. Then I shot him and felt him shoot me too.

Justin pov

I was looking at Jaz while Ryan was aiming at her heart and she was aiming at his. Ryan was grinning and we all knew he was about to shoot her. She looked at me in my eyes and mouthed the words I love you so much then I heard two gun shots go off. I ran to Jaz and I kissed her

Justin: I love you don't go don't go!!!

Jaz: I love you I won't go I will always be here ~ pointing at my heart~

Then she closed her eyes


I cradled her in my eyes she was so life less

Then I heard sirens and they took Ryan and then I perimedic came and took Jaz away from me

Justin: can me and her ~Pointing at grace~ come

Perimedic: are you related

Justin: I'm her husband and this is her sister

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