im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


23. Stained for the rest of your life


Okay so my friend gave me some can still give them I will still use them so you guys do t have to but yeah.....STORY TIME!!!


Jaz pov

I woke up in the dark. I started to freak out then I had a flash back


Selena: Jaz Jaz I think someone's in the coorner

Jaz: who who

Selena: Ryan

Then ryan walked out the corner

Ryan: okay bitches both of you come here

Jaz: what are you going to do

Ryan: nothing I just wanna talk

Then we got up and walked to him.

Jaz: can you turn on the lights

Ryan: nope you don't need them

Jaz: um Ryan can you-

Then I was hit with I think a whip

Jaz: what was that

Ryan: a whip why you don't like it

Selena: please stop

Then me and selena ran around the room and kept getting hit with a whip

Selena:•shouting• I think Justin's in here too

Ryan: sure is

Justin: now sit where you are

Me and selena sat down by eachother

Justin: okay so now.....turn around

We did as we were told. Then their who's connected with our backs.


Jaz:•crying• please please justin please

Then they kept hitting us. Then justin accidentally hit me in my head then everything went black.

Flashback ended

I started screaming

Then the door busted open and I ran to the corner and someone walked towards me.

Person: jazmine are you okay

Jaz: please don't hurt me please I didn't do anything please please I'm sorry for what ever I did please please don't hurt me

Person: Jaz Jaz it's Chaz please please calm down I won't hurt you

Then I looked in his eyes

Jaz: Chaz Chaz

Chaz: yes baby come on

Then he picked me up. My legs were wrapped around his hips and my arms were around his neck. Then we walked downstairs

Selena: what happened to Jaz

Chaz: she's traumatized

Selena: what how

Chaz: was there a time when justin and Ryan beat her in the dark

Selena: yeah she and I we're beat with whips and they wouldn't turn the lights on.

Chaz: well I guess she thought she was there once again.

Selena: where's justin

Chaz: in his room.

Selena pov

I walked to Justin's door about to knock when I heard justin singing.

Justin:It's not like I made my self a list

Of new and different ways to murder your heart

I'm just painting that's still wet,

If you touch me I'll be smeared

You'll be stained

Stained for the rest of your life

So turn around, walk away

Before you confuse the way we abuse each other

If you're not afraid of getting hurt

Then I'm not afraid of how much I hurt you

I'm well aware I'm a Danger to my self

Are you aware I'm a danger to others?

There's a crack in my soul

You thought was a smile

Whatever doesn't kill you...

Is gonna leave a scar

Whatever doesn't kill you...

It's gonna leave a scar

Leave a scar

Leave a scar

Whatever doesn't kill you, it's gonna leave a scar

I'm more like a silver bullet

And I'm like a gun, not easy to hold

I'm moving fast and if I stay inside your heart

I'm certain that this will be

The end of your life

So turn around, walk away

Before you confuse the way we abuse each other

If you're not afraid of getting hurt

Then I'm not afraid of how much I hurt you

Selena: nice song

Justin:'it's not nice Jaz-

Selena: jazmine

Justin: right jazmine is scared for life

Selena: she won't be forever she just needs the right amount of love she just needs love justin the right love

Justin: okay the right love who's her right love

I grabbed his arm and took him to see Chaz and Jaz. Chaz was holding her rubbing her back.

Chaz: wipe your pretty eyes

Then he wiped the tears coming from her eyes and kissed her cheek

Jaz: why are you being nice to me

Chaz: what do you mean

Jaz: well a boys nice to me then I fall but then after awhile they change and abuse me

Chaz: I'm not like Louis and-

Justin: me

Then he walked downstairs and ran out the house slamming the door behind him

Chaz: I'll go after him

Jaz: selena come on let's go after them

Selena: okay I'm coming

I ran downstairs and me and Jaz walked out the door. Once we did I saw justin beating up Chaz in the grass. Chaz had blood coming out of his nose and his eye was black.

Then Chaz got up and walked over to Jaz.

Chaz: if I never liked you or even met you this would never happen

Then he slapped her.I had to hit him so I punched and kicked him every where


Then he crawled to his cAr and drove away

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