im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


47. sing it out loud

We went to my room and sat on my bed. We watched the notebook and cried and did all that girly stuff. The movie went off and then I grabbed my notebook and started to hum a song I wrote.

Talia: sing it out loud

Jaz:you want me to?

Talia: yes please

Jaz: okay...

Then I started singing:

I don't wanna be famous,

I don't wanna if I can't be with you

Everything I eat's tasteless

Everything I see don't compare with you

Paris, Monaco and Vegas,

I'd rather stay with you

If I had to choose-

Baby you're the greatest,

And I got everything to lose,

And I just want to be with you

And I can't ever get enough!

Baby give it all up, up, I'd give it all up,

If I can't be with you!

All of this stuff sucks, yeah all of this sucks

If I can't be with you!


No Oscar,

No Grammy,

No mansion in Miami

The sun don't shine the sky ain't blue,

If I can't be with you!

I could sail around the whole world

But I still won't find a place,

As beautiful as you girl!

And really who's got time to waste?

I can't even see a future,

Without you in it, the colors start to fade,

Any way I'm gonna lose you,

And nobody in the world could ever take your place!

You're the kind I can't replace!

And I can't ever get enough!

Baby, I'd give it all, up, I'd give it all up,

If I can't be with you!

Talia: that's a good song... Did you make-

She was cut off by justin

Justin: before I did what I did

Jaz: yes I actually did...

Justin:I'm sorry jazmine

Jaz: oh don't be...because I found my real friends

Justin: I'm sorry jazmine please forgive me

Jaz: nope sorry

Then we heard singing from the living room. It was selena I walked out my room and heard her singing

Selena: One quick turn you were on my lap,

We touched hands and we pulled them back, yeah,

I want you bad!

And even though it should be so wrong,

I can't help but feel this strong,

Cause the way you turn me on like

A light switch

I might just go crazy,

'Cause you're my best friend's baby,

But you got me thinking maybe, just maybe,

I don't know what to do!

I'm in love with someone else's boy

You rock my world,

But you're the one that I can't have,

Boy I want you bad!

In my crazy mind

I'm with you all the time,

Cause you're the best I never had,

Oh boy, I want you bad!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

Oh, oh, oh, oh,

Oh, oh, oh, oh,

Iwant you bad!

So hard to just pretend.

It sucks, he's her boy and she's my friend,

No good way for this to end, yeah,

I want you bad!

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