im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


36. recover

Me and selena woke up at a motel.i took a shower did my hair put on a pair of jeans and a red Minnie Mouse tshirt and my red converses. Then I woke up selena

Selena: okay okay I'm up

Jaz: good now go shower!!

She got her lazy body out of her bed and got ready. It took her about 30 minutes to get ready.

We got in my car and looked for a house to buy. We drove around for 20 minutes until we found a house with 3 bathrooms 4 bedrooms 2 for guest a big living room and kitchen. We bought and it cost 1000 dollars but hey it's worth it. Then we bought some furniture: 3 TVs 2 beds and 2 air beds kitchen stuff a couch bathroom stuff and some journals and instruments for us to write songs. We finally relaxed and turned on the tv. Then we saw our names in big letters.

Reporter: BIG NEWS JAZMINE ARK AND SELENA GOMEZ HAS GONE MISSING!!!! The last time they have been seen was leaving a motel in Chicago. If anyone sees them please call 901-238-5612

Jaz: that's Jacky's number

I grabbed my phone and called jacky. She picked up on the first ring

Jacky:JAZ!!!! Are you okay where are you

Jaz: jacky calm down okay me and selena are fine we just wanted to take a break but we are still writing songs and practicing moves

Jacky: okay but can you guys please be back in 4 months.

Jaz: I-i-

Jacky: no buts or I's young lady you have a job to do....and does your mom know where you are

Jaz: yes she does

Jacky: your dad

Jaz: no...he shot my mother in her shoulder and said I wasn't his daughter and he said I was a mistake

Jacky: what did you say

Jaz: well I might have said he wasn't my father...

Jacky: you know you hurt him

Jaz: yeah but he hurt my mom and he hurt me so he hurt 2 people I only hurt one

Jacky: I know but I will talk to him and please please be here in 4 months

Jaz: can you come here

Jacky: maybe

Jaz: okay bye

Jacky:bye honey

Then I hung up and walked back to the living room.

Justin pov

I went home and couldn't sleep because jazmine broke up with me and she's somewhere in the world and I don't know where. Then my phone rang


Justin: hello who's this

Person: it's jacky

Justin: oh hey jacky what's up

Jacky: well I don't know if Jaz wanted me to tell you but she's in Chicago

Justin: really I have to go there is she okay

Jacky: she's fine she's with selena and don't go me and you are gonna go there in 4 months

Justin: but I can't wait for 4 months!!!

Jacky: me neither but we just have to wait for her to think things through, she has to recover

Justin: okay just has to recover go it....

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