im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


27. reality

I woke up to everyone crying and talking. My mom was talking to my dad then she walked out. About 5 minutes later she came back balling her eyes out. Then justin ran to her

Justin: mrs. Ark what's wrong

What hold it why is justin here he beat the shit out of me and selena was crying in his shoulder. What is going on here. Then my mom started to talk

Mom: the doctor said he was going to pull the plug if she doesn't wake up in an hour

Wait I was only here for one night...

Then justin walked out of the room.

I decided to wait and tell everyone I was awake when justin came back and was acting like a girl on her period aka a bitch!! Justin came back 15 minutes later. His eyes were redder than before and his nose was red.he was crying and of coarse he started yelling I opened up my eyes and moved around in the bed getting comfortable and waiting for everyone to notice i was awake.

Selena: look she's awake

Jaz: it took you guys 35 minutes...

Justin: you were awake when you r mom-

Jaz: came in and said they were going to pull the plug....yup

Justin: ahhh I missed you Jaz

Jaz: I was only gone for a day

Justin: nope a month

Jaz: but yesterday I was hit by that car

Justin: you were never hit by a car

Jaz: yeah I was...jacky told me and selena to get her mail and the that car came and I pushed selena out the way was hit by the car I flipped and hit my head on the ground.

Justin: nope you were at rehearsal and one of your dancers had to pick you up but he had a bad grip and he dropped you on your head.

Jaz: how long have I been out

Mom: a month

Jaz: oh

Dad: why did you say you got hit by a car

I told them the whole story and everyone's mouth was hung open

Justin: I would never hit you or you friends

Jaz: it seemed so real

Then my mom brung the doctor in and I told hi the story

Doctor: well after what I heard jazmine had a dream or nightmare while she was in a coma.

Jaz: it seemed so real

Doctor: trust me it wasn't.

Jaz: okay

I was still confused but it sort of made since because justin would never do that.

Jaz: when do I leave

Justin: now

Then jacky walked in with a bag

Jacky: I have your clothes

I tried to get but my legs were num

Jaz: justin can you help me get dressed?!

Justin: sure

We went into the restroom and I got dressed we got out of the restroom about 10 minutes later.

Jacky: let's leave this place

Jaz: yeah I'm sick of this place

Justin:*laughing* you just woke up

Jaz: I know but it's annoying it's boring can put me down now

He put me down and I started to walk

Jaz: I can walk * dancing*

Mom: my baby can walk

Jaz: I'm not 1 anymore

Dad: sure are acting like it

Jaz:*laughing*i sawry daddy..

Dad: come on honey lets go

Jaz: okay I'm going with justin

Dad: okay

Selena and I drove with justin. We pulled up in Justin's driveway. I looked in his eyes and we kissed for what seemed like forever.

Selena: get a room

Then we got inside his house and I ran to his room and put on his sweatpants and a tshirt.then justin walked In and smiled

Jaz: CUDDLE!!!

Justin: YAY!!!

Then he got in his boxers and we cuddled under the covers.

Justin: let's put a movie in

Jaz: oooo monsters inc

Then he put it in and crawled back in bed

Jaz: I like your ass!

Justin: I like yours too!!!

Half way through the movie I fell asleep.



IM SORRY I THOUGHT OF GIVING IT A TWIST.... So all that happened was a nightmare...I'm sorry!!!! LOL BUT IMMA EXPLAIN IT IF YOU DONT GET IT...

So all that happened was a dream she was In a coma from falling at rehearsal. Justin never beat her and her friends in reality only in her nightmare....

Lol but I'll update soon maybe later tonight or tomorrow

Love u guys....comment and favorite!!!!


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