im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.



We got in the car and drove to our studio. Me and selena were turnt up in Jacky's car. Her song birthday and come and get it came on we sang along and danced in our seats.

Jacky: okay girls we are here.....get out

We got out the car and walked into the studio. Our choreographer max was stretching.

Max: hey girlies

Us: hey max

Max:you have a lot of ketch up on (did I spell that right)

Us: we know

Then we started stretching for about 5 minutes. When we finished the dancers came back. We learned the routine I caught on quick selena on the other hand had to work on it a little more but after she did she got it. We kept rehearsing and rehearsing then finally we finished.

Max: great rehearsal guys!

All the dancers left.

Selena: how was that

Max: great you guys caught on quicker than the dancers

Us: really wow

Max:• looking at his phone• yup bye girls see you tomorrow

Us: bye

We grabbed our stuff and walked out.

Selena: STARBUCKS?!?

Jaz: yes STARBUCKS!!

we walked to STARBUCKS which only took 10 minutes.

I ordered a vanilla latte and selena ordered a caramel-flan-latte. We walked out of Starbucks to Jacky's car

Jacky: really and you didn't get me anything

Jaz: sorry

We got in the car and drove to her house.

Jacky: can you and selena check the mail

Selena: sure

We walked to the mail box and I saw a car driving really fast. It swerved and I reacted I pushed selena out the way. The car hit my side and I flipped. Before my eyes closed I saw selena run to me and cradle me crying and yelling for jacky. When jacky came she told me to keep my eyes open I tried my best then I heard sirens and red and blue lights then men put me in the ambulance and selena was holding my hand then I closed me eyes.

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