im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


31. promise....promise

Austin and I walked out of the award show and we were attacked by paparazzi. Some yelled out questions but I blocked them out. We reached Austin's car and we drove to his Taco Bell

Jaz: so AUSTIN how old are you

Austin: I'm 18 (I don't know how old he is but who cares)

Jaz: cool

Austin: hey after this wanna go to Justin's place and get you're stuff.

Jaz: sure

We ate our food laughed and talked. There were some flashes but not a lot to ruin the moment.

Once we finished I told AUSTIN the address and he put it in his GPS. It took about 20 minutes to get there. Me and Austin got out of the car to get my clothes and my girl stuff. I rang the doorbell and Ariana answered it

Ariana: hey

Jaz: hey I just need to get my stuff

Ariana: oh okay come in

I came in

Ariana: Justin's room is-

Jaz: I know, come on Austin

Then Austin followed me to get my stuff packed.

I packed my makeup,clothes,blankets,pillows,movies,shoes,phone accessories, electronics,and then my purses

We walked back downstairs with our hands full.

Jaz: Austin you can put some boxes down and we can load the truck with the stuff we have and then get that stuff

Austin: okay

I bent down to get the box and then heard Justin's voice

Justin: take a picture it last longer

Austin: Ahhh justin.....

Jaz: come on Austin he's not worth it

I grabbed his hand and I felt sparks and I blushed

Austin: no way I make THE JAZMINE ARK BLUSH!!!

Jaz: be quiet austie!!!!

Austin: okay jazzy!!!

Then i blushed then he kissed my cheek

Jaz: what was that for

Austin: well you blushed and you're so beautiful...

Jaz: youre so sweet

Austin: youre irreplaceable

Justin pov

She's holding his hand he kissed her and he just said she's irreplaceable. Wait why do I care I have Ariana!!! Ugh. They came back to get the other boxes and I caught Austin's hand in jazmines back pocket.

Justin: are y'all dating....

Jaz: why do you wanna know

Justin: cause I want to

Jaz: fine if you wanna know.....then nope but we sure do flirt and that's pissing you off!!

Justin: no it's not

Jaz: I can see it in your eyes

Then she walked out laughing at Austin because he was making silly what we use to do..

Jazmine pov

I just noticed something justin got me I mean got got me like thrust got me then he dumped me!!! That player I knew not to fall but I did anyway!! Ugh that bastard!!

Jaz: hey can you drop me off at Selena's

Austin: sure

We drove to Selena's house singing along to sons that came on the radio. Then we pulled up in her driveway

Jaz:•handing him a sheet of appear with my number on it• text me

Austin: I will...

Then he drove off

I walked inside and saw selena and Taylor cuddling. I ran to my room and changed into something then I went outside and relaxed then it started to rain I just sat there crying my eyes out until I heard Selena's voice

Selena: hey Jaz Austin's here

Jaz: okay

I ran inside and i was soaked but Austin didn't care. I ran to him and hugged him so tight and he hugged me back. Then we kissed and selena got a picture of it.

I pulled away and smiled

Austin: you don't have to fake a smile around me

Then a cried my eyes out.

Austin: wipe your pretty eyes....he's not worth it...I love you

Selena: I got that on video and it's now on Instagram

Austin: will you be my girlfriend

Jaz: will you be okay with me crying my eyes out for maybe a week or two

Austin: I will be there to comfort you and I will never leave

Jaz: promise

Austin: promise

Jaz: then yes!!!

Selena: that's on Instagram too!!!


Sorry it was short I'll update tomorrow love u guys 💜😘😍 oh and #JELENAS BACK!!!!

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