im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


72. promise

jaz: yay you did keep the bed warm!!!

liam: i told you i was

i jumped out my bed and hugged liam

jaz: i missed you so much

liam: i missed you 10 times more

i smiled at him and kissed him

liam: those lips 

jaz: i know right damn *giggling* 

we climbed into bed and then liam turned the tv on. i looked at him and admired his face i smiled and then kissed his cheek. he smiled and then he opened his mouth like he was going to say something

jaz: what's wrong

liam: why did you start hanging out with justin 

jaz: do we have to start this again

liam: yes yes we do

jaz: my party he planned the whole thing then he did this speech about us being bestfriends

liam: thats it

jaz: yup

liam: when did you start having feelings for him

jaz: liam


jaz: they never went away well the feelings were still there but i knew i did when we were singing together 

liam: oh okay but you do know i dont want you hanging out with him

jaz: stop acting like my dad

liam: im not i just dont want you getting hurt

jaz: he cant hurt me if we're just friends the only person that can is you

liam; whatever

jaz: see now youre mad

liam: im not mad 

jaz: okay..... 

i got comfortable under the covers and cuddled with a pillow 

liam: do you want to cuddle

jaz: leave me alone

liam: come on baby

he put his arm around my waist and i moved his arm away

jaz: no just stop i dont wanna talk right now 

liam: okay good night bitch


i woke up to a burning sensation across my cheek. i opened my eyes and saw liam standing there

jaz: what the hell 

liam: i said get the fuck up like 15 mminutes ago

jaz: well you can wait 5 more minutes

liam: no i can't im hungry go cook breakfast

jaz: go cook your own breakfast, all you need is milk a bowl and cereal 

i rolled my eyes and put my slippers on and got out of bed

liam: are you gonna cook

jaz: no im gonna look at my cheek

liam: ugh youre so lazy 

jaz: yeah im lazy

i walked into the restroom and turned the shower on and waited for it to get hot.

liam:  just forget it

I stepped into the shower and did my business . I got out about 15 minutes later. I grabbed my towel and began to dry myself off and blow dried my hair and straightened it .then I grabbed my under clothes and started to walk to my closet. Then I heard my phone buzz I ran to my phone and saw I had a text from justin.

Text message:

Jb: hey jazzy wanna hang out

I thought about the convos action me and Liam had last night and thought about putting no but then he slapped me so..

Ja: sure where we goin

Jb: park?

Ja: sounds like fun see in 30

Jb: I'll be waiting

End of text message:

I ran back to my closet and decided to wear a black full mini skirt a pink crop top that says "on wensday we wear pink" then I grabbed my pink Jordans and headed downstairs.

Liam: ooo babe you look sexy

He walked up to me and touched my hair

Liam: I like it straight

Jaz: stop touching it •trying to move his hand•

Liam: why babe

Jaz: Liam just go finish whatever you were doing

Liam: okay fine but where are you going

Jaz: out

Liam: where

Jaz: I'm going out I'll see you in a bit

Liam: okay but when you get back you and me in our bed

Jaz: in your dreams

I walked out the door and got in my car and drove to the park. Once I got there I was attacked by justin

Justin: HEY JAZMINE!!!

Jaz: hey justin •laughing•

Justin: let's go to the swings

Jaz: okay

We got on the swings and the justin had to make it competitive

Justin: I can go higher than you can!

Jaz: no I can go higher!!

We started swinging and at first justin was going the highest but then I kicked up my speed and I was going the highest.

Justin: no fair!!!

Jaz: I won!!!

We both stopped swinging and dropped off

Jaz: okay what do I win

Justin: mcdonalds

Jaz: fine by me


Cashier: hi what would you like to order

I'm guessing he didn't know it was us because he wasn't looking up

Jaz: um 2 Big Macs with large fries and and a coke and dr.pepper oh and 2 brownie melt and vanilla ice cream cones please

Cashier: okay that will be $10.35

Jaz: okay justin where's the money

He looked at me and rolled his eyes

Justin: okay I got this bossy much

Jaz: yes

When justin had the money in his hand the cashier looked up and I almost shitted my pants

Jaz: Ryan....

Ryan: look who it is jazmine ark the famous 19 year old and justin justin bieber my ex bestfriend

Justin: you don't have to explain it all god damn it now can you please give us our food

Ryan: sure thing

Jaz: you better not spit or do anything to our food

Then the manager walked out of I guess his office

Manager: Ryan I hope you're treated these to celebrities nice

Jaz: for a matter of fact can we watch them cook our food

Manager: of course come come

Justin went over the counter first and then I stood up on the counter and he helped my down.

Manager: Ryan make their food

He started making our food and kept looking at us rolling his eyes then he finally spoke

Ryan: jazmine aren't you dating Liam

Jaz: yup why

Ryan: why aren't you with him

Jaz: we got in a fight none of your business just make our food

Ryan: yup a fight that explains the red hand print on your cheek...he slapped you didn't he

Jaz: it's none of your business Ryan

Justin: did he really slap you

Jaz: can you please hurry up with our food

Ryan: yeah I'm done

He handed us our food

Ryan: chris I'm taking a break

Manager: okay

Ryan: now jazmine answer our question

Jaz: can you just leave it alone

Justin: no no we can't

Jaz: ugh yes he did now leave it alone

Justin: why did he do it

Jaz: I don't know he said he was hungry and woke me up 15 minutes ago so he smacked me just forget it

Justin: promise me if he hits you again you'll tell me

Jaz: promise

But he didn't know I was my fingers.....

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