im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


14. officially jealous

I watched my video over and over again.Then I read some comments.a few comments were nice but most of them we're mean.

Comments: I love your voice , u sound lik a dying cat. You are beautiful and talented, u look lik a man. She probably has a dick , she's lesbo.

Some of those comments didn't make sense but I couldn't read anymore. So I called justin

Jaz: delete that video now

Justin: why

Jaz: just delete that fuckin video!!!

Justin: I said why

Jaz: just delete it!!!


I was shocked by the words he just said to me. Then he voice came back through the speaker

Justin: why delete it, nothing wrong with it god damn your so stubborn you know what I'm done with this shit bye I'm done

Jaz:justin....justin......please no no

Justin: I'm sorry but I'm done it's not going to work with a long distance relationship

Jaz: you found someone else didn't you

Justin: yup I did she's wonderful fantastic and beautiful!

Jaz: okay bye justin

Justin: I'm sorry Jaz.....friends

Jaz: it's JAZMINE and well let me think

It may have seemed like I was hurt but I was dying inside. He found someone in justs hours or they may have been dating for awhile now. I don't know I just need fresh air. It's all my fault but if I didn't call then he would cheat on can't be my fault I didn't do anything. Ugh justin can go fuck hisself

2 months later

I moved back to L.A because well after justin dumped I decided to write songs about my feelings and post videos on YouTube. After about 10 videos those haters started to become fans. My manager she is like my big sister her name is Jacklyn but I call her jacky. Oh and my bestfriend is Ariana Grande.

Ariana: hey hey hey (walking into my tour bus)

Jaz: so did you hear me and you are going to be singing together on my tour!!!!

Ariana: I know oh and I bought Bibblez

Bibblez is her bodyguard.

Jaz: YAY!!!

Then Jacky walked in and hugged us

Jacky: okay Jaz and Ariana I have a surprise for you guys.

Jaz&ariana: what is it!!

Then I boy walked in with the SELENA GOMEZ!!!

Me and Ariana ran to selena after she pulled away from her boyfriend I'm guessing. He looked kind of familiar but I brushed it off.

Selena: so guys me and my boyfriend are going to be hanging out with you guys and mentor you because you are new to the business.

I was right her boyfriend. Then her boyfriend walked over and looked me in my eyes

Jaz: j-j-justin...

Him: umm...jazmine

Jaz: umm... Selena let's go practice some vocals

Then she grabbed my arm.

Selena: you know eachother

Justin: yeah we dated

Selena: oh this is awkward

Jaz: I have no feelings for him anymore they are long long long gone

Justin: really you needed all those longs

Jaz: yes yes I did.... I'm going to walk away before I say some choice words that no one wants to hear.

Then I walked off the bus and was tackled by about 15 fans all asking for autographs and pictures

Jaz: okay guys I will do this for you if get in a line

They all rushed in a straight line and I started to sign and take pictures. I was done when justin walked out the bus

Justin: hey I saw you with your fans. That was sweet

Jaz:~mumbling~ I'm surprised you know what sweet means

Justin: I'm sorry okay

Jaz: bye justin oh one more thing stay away from me.

Then I walked on the bus and saw my phone ringing so I answered it.

Justin pov

I was shocked at the words she said.

I walked on the bus and saw her on the phone

Jaz: hey baby

Hey baby who's her baby. I walked over to Ariana

Justin: who's her baby

Ariana: Louis

Justin: from one direction.

Ariana: yup

Then she walked over to jazmine. I think I'm officially jealous.....

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