im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


19. my doubts

we walked to jacky's car and got in. i sat by grace and ariana. my stomach started to turn and my eyes were now blurry from the tears wanting to fall. i put my head on grace's shoulder and cried i guess she felt her shirt getting wet.

grace: its okay its okay dont cry


grace: dont be scared he wont touch us

jaz: promise

then jacky looked at me,grace,selena,and ariana


them say promise all together made me laugh

jacky: theres that laugh i was dying to hear

jaz: i lor you guys

everyone: love you too

jaz: you guys have to stop that •laughing•

jacky: we are here

jaz:•sigh• okay lets get this over an done with!!

we got out the car and i saw justin. he smiled and i half smiled but the quickly looked away. then he walked towards us.

justin: hey

selena: hey justin

justin: hey jaz

jaz: hey....and its jazmine

justin: right sorry jazmine

then he tried to hug but i backed up. i just shacked my head meaning no.

justin: im sorry please hear me out.

jaz: what do you have to say

justin: i did what i did because-

jaz: you abused me and my friends and you stabbed me because

justin: i did that because i wanted to teach you guys a lesson for about 2 days but then i started to like it and then i moved you guys. once i did i had parties and went to the club but when i didnt bring a girl home i would get mad and then i would beat you guys

jaz: mainly me

justin: then one day ryan came and brung grace when a week went by with ryan here and i saw how hard ryan beat you guys i wanted to stop i confessed to ryan but then he said if i did then he would kill jazmine infront of me.

jaz: you beat us to save me

justin: yup

jaz: that is so awkwardly sweet

jaz: how did jacky know where we were

jacky: justin called me

jaz: but then you knew you would go to jail

justin: i know i deserved it

jaz: are you telling the truth•almost to tears•

justin: i swear

then i looked in his eyes and i saw caramel brown eyes

jaz: hes telling the truth!!

i let go off graces hand and ran to justin and engulfed him in a hug.

jaz:wheres ryan

justin: well since i told them i wanted to stop abusing you guys for like months now they gave me community service

jaz: and ryan

justin: hes in jail


justin: so you forgive or i have to prove

jaz: hmmm prove

justin: figured

then i gave him a huge gigantic fat hug

i still have my doubts about justin though what did he want us to learn why this way why the anger why the partying he liked it but yet felt bad what the hell!! then i felt the car stop.

jacky: now are you happy you went

jaz: yeah but i have my doubts

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