im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


53. made you do this

We finished talking and hanging out. We walked out and saw the paparazzi coming.

Cody: wanna tell them

Jaz: I really don't care

Cody: they'll figure it out

Jaz: let's take a picture of them and say this is how our date ended...

Cody: fine by me

He took out his phone and took a pic and write down the comment. We ran to his car drove back to my house. As we were getting out of the car my phone started to ring. I answered it and walked in then I heard my moms voice

Mom: jazmine your dad found me

Then I heard a door bust open and my mom scream. After a few seconds a drunk voice came through the phone.

Dad: hey baby girl comeback and nothing will happen to your mother if you don't I'll kill her...

Then he hung up the phone.

Jaz: Cody can you come with me to L.A

Cody: why

Jaz: I'll tell you in the car.

Then I heard a lot of footsteps come down the stairs it was Bryson Tyler Giana talia selena and justin

Them: we're coming with you

Jaz: I don't care

We got in the car and guess who had to sit in the passenger seat....justin

Jaz: is everyone in

Cody: yeah now can you tell me

Jaz:okay so-

I was cut off by justin

Justin: her dad shot her mom in her shoulders basically became abusive then he said she's no daughter of his and she was a mistake...but to me she was a beautiful mistake.

I was filled with emotions scared nervous but i wanted to set things with my dad and if he hit me then he gonna be in jail.

~3 hours later~

Jaz:we're here justin call the cops and tell them what's going on

Justin: okay

He called them and we all went inside

Dad: hey honey bun

Jaz: where's mom

Dad: somewhere

Jaz: where is she

Dad: give me a hug

Jaz: no where's mommy...

Then I saw her crawl out she had cuts and deep wounds all over her body

Jaz: daddy....

I stared at him in his eyes and didn't see the dad that was in the hospital or the dad that picked me up from school and took me to get ice cream this man is not my dad.

I looked at justin and nodded then he opened the door and the police walked in. He tried to run but tripped over my mom. They handcuffed him

Dad: I will find you both

Police: no you won' will be living in that cell until you die

Dad: fuck all of you

Then they put him in the car and some stayed and looked through stuff they found weed achohol and more stuff they took that and took my mom to the hospital.

Jaz: we can stay here and just sleep in my room or drive

Them: here

We walked to my room fell asleep I was on my bed with Cody everyone else on the floor with blankets and pillows.

I woke up to someone holding my waist . I popped up and saw us driving and to me sitting on Justin's lap

Jaz: why am I sitting on your lap

Justin: I offered

Jaz: why didn't Cody

Selena: he did justin didn't let him •mad•

Jaz: justin what's going on

Justin: I'll tell you later

Jaz: now

Justin: ugh... It wasn't my choice to do you like that on Ellen it was scooters and selena went along with it...I was going to until she came out and hugged me and all that stuff.

Jaz: really

Justin: yes...

Jaz: he made you do this

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