im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


73. Liam won't like that

3 months later~~~


Liam: what the hell are you gonna do about it

He threw the chair but missed I looked at him and ran as fast as I could to our bed room. I reached for then door knob and opened the door before I could close it LIAM put his foot between the door frame and the door. I used all my strength I had but of course he was stronger than me. He pushed open the door and grabbed me by my hair with one hand and my wrist with the other hand

Liam: did I tell you you can come up to my bed room!!!

I looked at him and rolled my eyes and tried to get out of his grip but All he did was tighten his grip. A shed a few tears because he was pulling my hair and felt like he was breaking my wrist.

Jaz: let go!!!

Liam: bitch no one tells me what to do!!!!


Liam: give me a kiss

I closed my eyes and then I opened them.

Jaz: will you let go

Liam: yeah whatever



Jaz: ok let go first

He let go and wrapped his arm around my waist making me flinch. He rolled his eyes and pressed his lips into mine. I kissed back cause last time I didn't I got slapped. Then he picked my up and lay me on the bed. He smiled at me and then went to his dresser and grabbed a condom. I looked at him and he raised his eyebrows meaning me to not argue to just go with it. I put it on and then climbed back on top of me. He kissed my neck then my lips he took off my shirt and then un clasped my bra. Then he took of my pants and under wear once we were both naked he started kissing me

Liam: no need to ask if your a virgin

That's his way of calling me a slut that hurt... Then he just stuck his dick inside me which made me whimper then he started to thrust back and fourth then he grabbed my boobs and started to massage them. No need to lie it felt good I didn't want to moan because I'm mad at him but then he started to make me cum then he licked me out I moaned.

Liam: LOUDER!!

I obeyed then he blew air on my clit then he put his dick inside me again and thrusted harder then he stopped and laid next to me

Liam: that was nice

Jaz: mhm...

I got up and grabbed my clothes and went to take a shower

Cause I needed to get away from Liam for a bit so I could think about what's been going on these past 3 months. I locked the door and went to turn the water on. I got into the shower and let the warm water massage my bruises. I touched some and it made me cry. I sat down on the floor of the shower and cried. I sat there for 20 minutes until Liam was banging on the door. I turned the shower water off and quickly put on my clothes to scared to care that I was wet. I unlocked the door and he pushed hisself in.


Jaz: I'm sorry

Liam: no!!!

He grabbed my neck and then punched me in my eye. I fell to the ground and crawled well tried to before Liam picked me up and threw me back onto the ground. I groaned and then he grabbed my wrist and dragged me into the bed room. I screamed


I kept screaming and he started to punch and kick me once he stopped he spit on me and then walked out the room. I crawled to the door and locked it then I grabbed my phone and went to the corner I started to cry.

I turned my phone on and went to camera. I looked at myself and saw that I had a black eye busted lip and my nose was bleeding and Liam's spit was on my cheek. I look a hot mess...

Then I got a text from justin


Hey wanna come over I haven't seen you in forever lik ur cooped up in your mansion wit Liam


Sorry I can't not feeling to good


Okay u said tht the last 5 times I asked you send me a pic to see if ur really sick








Jus send me a god damn picture of u jazmine

Great now he's mad


U won't be happy


Jus send it

I took the picture of myself and sent it to justin

Justin pov

Why the hell won't she send the pic??!!! Ugh

Thank god she said she would send it finally!!! Once I got it I couldn't believe my eyes was Liam beating her?


Is Liam beating you




Then why are u all beat up


I fell down the stairs when me and Liam were playing


Oh okay wanna hang


Umm sure


Hers see u in 35



Jaz pov

I'm gonna get in huge trouble just because I'm talking to justin.... I got up and went to the bathroom. I took a quick painful shower ( my bruises) then I dried myself off and went to my closet I put on blue cloud printed leggings and a blue crop top sweatshirt showing my belly then I grabbed my blue converses. Blue is my color today... I grabbed my phone and texted justin I'm on my way

I opened the door and made sure Liam wasn't downstairs. I spotted him but he was asleep on the couch with his hand in a bag of hot chips. I walked down the stairs quietly and grabbed the keys and quickly went out the house and to my car. Then justin texted me saying to meet up at menchies. I drove to menchies and saw justin waiting for me at the front door. I got out and walked to justin not to fast because my body still hurts and not to slow so he won't expect anything.

Jaz: hey

Justin: hey let's go inside

I nodded and we walked inside. After we got our frozen yogurt we sat down and talked. When we finished talking we threw our trash away and walked. While we were walking justin said something that I didn't think he would have said

Justin: jazmine what happened to your stomach

Jaz: what

Justin: what happened to your stomach

Jaz: I already told you I fell down the stairs

Justin: you don't get those types of bruises from falling down the stairs

Jaz: well I did

Justin: he's beating you

Jaz: why would you say that

Justin: you probably have bruises on your arms too...

Jaz: no I don't

He grabbed my arm and lifted up my sleeve

Justin: you have bruises on your arms...and you're wearing makeup to cover your face bruises aren't you

Jaz: justin

Justin: this is why you wouldn't come hang out with me he was beating you


Justin: why didn't you tell anyone it's been 3 months

Jaz: i was scared....can I go home

Justin: yeah I'll call you when I get home

Jaz: no Liam won't like that...

Justin: then call me only if you want to

I nodded and drove back home. I unlocked the door and walked in I saw a mad Liam sitting on the couch staring at me. He got up and walked over to me. I ran to my bed room and then looked for somewhere to hide but it was too late he was in the room I stood by the window and then I saw him pick up my night stand making everything fall out and that was on top.

Jaz: Liam you don't want to throw that

Liam: yes I do

He threw it but I jumped out the way and it broke the window. I looked out the window and a bunch of our neighbors were looking up at me. Then a man asked did I need help I started to cry and nod. After seeing Liam put all his stuff in a suitcase. I'm guessing he knows the consequences to abusing someone...,. He ran doenstairs and opened the door 2 police men were standing there then Liam punched them and ran but he only got 2 houses down before he was tackled by some police officer. While I was watching everything justin came over and hugged me tight which hurt like hell but I needed that. Then the paparazzi came and kept asking questions

Justin: she won't be speaking about it until she's ready

He closed the door and turned to me he smiled but I know he wanted to cry.

Jaz: you can cry...I know you're worried and feel bad....

Justin: I feel bad for you. You went through so much pain that you didn't deserve....

Jaz: I know

Justin: but it's all over now......let's get you cleaned up

Jaz: okay....

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