im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


18. lets go

i woke up to jacky talking on the which was on speaker.

jacky: no not going to happen

person: please we need to talk well i need to talk to all the girls please

jacky: you could have been talking instead pf abusing!!

then i realized it was justin and ryan in the background

justin: please please im begging

jacky: fine when and

i cant believe she just gave in!!

justin: the beach and bring everybody

jacky: what if they dont want to come

justin: i dont know do something

then she hung up

wait the beach i thought they were in jail! nope im bot going

i went downstairs to eat breakfast i took out a bowl and a box of fruity pebbles and the milk.

then jacky came out of the bathroom.

jacky: good youre-

jaz: so why are we meeting justin

jacky: i dont know but im going to be right by you guys

jaz: youre not going to be by me because im not going

jacky: he just wants to talk

jaz: no no no no thats final im not going

jacky: please~goving me the puppy dog face~

jaz: that only works on..........

jacky: justin and he wants to see you and talk

jaz: he abused me for 3 months and i barley know why!!!

then selena grace and ariana walked downstairs

selena: whats all the yelling about

jaz: she wants us to meet with justin and ryan at the beach to talk and i dont want to

grace: im with jaz they did abuse us

selena: but they want to talk about it

jaz: i dont want to the love of my life cheated ob me kissed me infront of louis i was beat by BOTH

of my ex boyfriends........i cant be loved

then i ran upstairs to my room and cried.

then i heard grace

grace: baby girl

jaz: louis called me baby girl

grace: ummm okay jaz •confused what to call me• wait nevermind

jaz: what do you want

i sat up and looked at her

grace: okay so i have an idea

jaz: keep talking

grace: okay so you go but you will be behind me and he cant touch you okay

jaz: umm fine

grace: okay go get ready

jaz: okay

then she ran out the room and yelled


i laughed and then got in the shower. i washed my hair and body. i got out and dried my hair and changed i put on a purple polo shirt my good jeans and my purple converses. i walked downstairs and saw everyone ready i look myself in the mirror

jaz: can we go now get it over with

jacky: okay lets go

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