im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


64. knowing

We started walking to the ambulance and then dawn walked into me and then she fainted. I screamed and everyone turned around. They ran to me and dawn

Justin: are you okay

Jaz: my my leg hurts really bad

I looked down and saw my bone was poking out I started freak out.

Jaz: my LEG MY LEG MY LEG!!!!

Then I looked at justin and he looked scared and worried.

Justin: jacky!!!

She walked over and looked at my leg

Jacky: who didn't see this!!!

Justin: jacky jacky calm down

Jacky: who couldn't see this bone sticking out!!!!

Justin: it must have came out when Dawn bumped into her and fainted

Jacky: well where are the police and paramedics

Justin: I'll carry her just go to ambulance and ask for a stretcher.

Jacky: okay

Jaz: justin I don't feel so good....

Justin: you're loosing a lot of blood

He lay me down on the ground and he tore a piece of his shirt off and tryed to wrap my leg from loosing all that blood

Jaz: it hurts justin

Justin: it's gonna be okay don't close your eyes baby

Jaz: I can't I'm really tired

Justin: Jaz open your eyes

Jaz: I'll try

Then the paramedics came with the stretcher

Paramedic: justin put her on the stretcher

He put me on the stretcher and then they rolled me to the other ambulance.

Justin: it's gonna be okay

Jaz: can I please close my eyes

Justin: no stay awake

Jaz: I love you

Justin: no stop your gonna live okay

Jaz: I know I'm a fighter but I'm just saying I love you

Justin: oh okay I love you too jazmine

Then I looked at Justin's hand it was bleeding

Jaz: your hand

Justin: yeah but you're more important

Jaz: no no

I untied the piece of shirt and grabbed Justin's hand and wrapped it around his hand

Jaz: don't untie it

Justin: your leg

Jaz: justin I'm okay then can stop the bleeding and besides we have the same blood type if I need blood I know for sure you will give to me even if they try to stop you

Justin: our blood is AB+ I'm surprised you knew that

Jaz: hey I was a belieber well I am a belieber and we know everything about you and I know more...

Then we hit a bump and I winced

Justin: it's okay were almost there

Jaz: okay

Then I felt the ambulance stop moving

Paramedic: we are here we will be getting you out now

Jaz: okay hurry my leg is killing me

When they opened the I grabbed Justin's. Hand and then we went inside

Justin: can I come with her

Paramedic: yes

Justin: thank you

Then I looked at the bright lights and then I blacked out.

Justin pov:

I looked at jazmine and her eyes were closed. I feel so sorry for her. They put her in a room and then nurses walked in and told me I had to wait with Danielle jacky and the guys.

Justin: they said I could stay in here with her

Nurse: I'm sorry we need space to see what we are gonna do.

Justin: fine just come get me when you know what's going on

Nurse: okay

I walked out and saw jacky talking to a two girls their backs were towards me. I walked up to hem and then noticed it was talia and ugh selena.

Justin: what are they doing here

Jacky: they were going to surprise jazmine but then we got in a crash and now they are here

Justin: okay where's Danielle

Jacky: crying over there

Justin: I'm gonna comfort her

I walked over to Danielle

Justin: hey

Danielle: hi what's wrong with jazmine

Justin: we don't know...dawn

Danielle: I have no idea

Then she started crying and hugged her

Justin: don't cry it's okay

Danielle: I can't help it my sister is in the hospital because she fainted it could be really bad

Justin: or something that happens once and never again

Danielle: wish it was that easy

Then she hugged me again but this time she looked into my eyes and I looked into her hazel eyes and got lost in them. Then I remembered jazmine. I looked away

Danielle: I'm gonna get some water want anything

Justin: I want a dr pepper

Jacky: justin go with her

Justin: okay fine

I got up and followed her. What was all that eye contact and getting lost in them about....

Danielle: did you get lost in my eyes like I did in yours

Justin: yeah what was that about

Danielle: I don't know

Then she grabbed a water bottle and dr pepper she handed me my dr pepper and our hands touched and I felt a little spark

Danielle: did you feel that

Justin: yes but I don't think that's suppose to happen

Danielle: does this happen with you and jazmine

Justin: sometimes why

Danielle: no reason

We looked into eachothers eyes and then I grabbed her hand and we sat down

Justin: let's talk about this

Danielle: okay

Justin: do you like that feeling

Danielle: I guess...yeah I like having that feeling run though my body

Justin: why can you do it all the time but jazmine and I can't like we use to

Danielle: the love excitement probably died

Justin: do you like me

Danielle: yes but your dating my bestfriend

Justin: yeah I know....but I like you

Danielle: we can secretly date...not tell anyone

Justin: I would be cheating on jazmine.

Danielle: yeah you done it plenty of times haven't you

Justin: yeah

Danielle: okay just one more time no one will know not even my sister

Justin: promise

Danielle: promise

Justin: okay Danielle will you go out with me

Danielle: thought you would never ask •giggling•

Justin: I love your giggle

Danielle: I love your smile

Justin: well thank you..let's go before they come looking for us

Danielle: okay

We walked were the others were and I saw jazmine with a cast on her foot

Danielle: wow now where's dawn

Justin: I don't know

Jazmine: justin where were you

Justin: oh I went with Danielle to get a drink

Jazmine: oh really we just came back from getting drinks and Danielle dawn is okay she was just really scared and dreaming out because what happened

Danielle: okay great and you said we

Jaz: oh me and dawn

Danielle: how did you get there

Jaz: my crutches and dawn wasn't dizzy anymore so she helped me

Jacky: okay guys let's go

Justin: great let's go

We started walking to the entrance and we saw a limo waiting there for us

Jaz pov

Oh my gosh I'm just surprised about what I heard ..... Justin and Danielle really secret dating and then Danielle was like I guess the love and excitement faded uhhh bitch he's not your boyfriend!!!! I was in a hospital room with my leg broken and dawn was in her room because she fainted and they were getting drinks talking about how they like eachother. Ugh I got into the limo and justin sat next to me I looked at him and fake smiled

Jaz: nothing hey can you and Dawn switch places

Justin: sure

Then dawn got up and switched with justin so now justin was sitting by Danielle he was trying to hide the huge smile off his face. I rolled my eyes and looked a dawn

Dawn: why won't you break up with him

Jaz: im gonna humiliate both of them on stage justin first then Danielle

Dawn: oh I like it I'm helping you

Jaz: okay

Justin: helping with what

Jaz: nothing none of your business

Justin: oh okay

Jaz: I'm taking a nap

I plugged my head phones into my phone and then I put on pandora and listened to miley cyrus radio. I woke up to someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and it was Danielle

Danielle: hey we are at the hotel

Jaz: okay bye

Danielle: oh someone's grumpy

Jaz: well someone know why...

Danielle: what

Jaz: nothing

I got out the limo and then walked into the hotel and saw dawn

Jaz: dawn hey why didn't you wake me up

Dawn: cause Danielle said she wanted to and she pushed me out the limo

Jaz: oh okay I wanna room with you

Dawn: okay we can go tell jacky

Jaz: okay

We walked to jacky and waited for her to stop talking to justin. Once she finished we tapped Jacky's shoulder

Jaz: hey can we room together

Jacky: sure

Jaz: thanks

Justin: who are you rooming with

Jaz: dawn

Justin: oh okay

Jaz: you

Justin: since the guys left because they said it's unsafe and the the other guys are on the other bus I'm rooming with Danielle

Jaz: oh well I'm sorry I want to room with dawn is it okay with you

Justin: oh it's fine we can hang out and get to know eachother more

Jaz: oh cool well we are going to our room

Justin: okay bye

Dawn and I got I the elevator

Jaz: so we can get to know eachother better •mocking Justin's voice•

Dawn: yeah which way like the talking part of the saliva part

Jaz: probably both •laughing•

Dawn: if I were you I would be crying not laughing

Jaz: like Danielle said the love faded away right well this girl is not crying over a douche bag!!!!!

Dawn: really a douche bag

Jaz: yes I am a role model I do not curse!!!

Dawn: sure okay

Then the elevator doors opened and we walked to our room and then we opened it and laid on the bed.

Dawn: so jacky said we will be staying here for about 2 weeks because the doctor said your leg wasn't broken bad and the bone that came out was only 4 centimeters

Jaz: wow they measured it

Dawn: i know that's what I said

Jaz: well let-

I was cut off by a knock at the door. I got up and opened the door. Once I did I rolled my eyes

Jaz: what

Dawn: who is it

Jaz: it's your sister

Danielle: well someone's rude

Jaz: I wonder why

Dawn: Jaz be nice

Jaz: why should I

Danielle: cause I didn't do anything

I looked at dawn and she had the stop talking look on her face

Jaz: yeah sorry I'm just really tired bye now

Danielle: oh bye then

I closed the door and started talking to dawn about the plan.

Danielle pov

Okay jazmine is acting super weird I think she knows but I'm not sure it could be her time of the month. I walked back to me and Justin's room

Danielle: hey sexy

Justin: hey beautiful

Danielle: so I went and asked jazmine if she wanted to hang but she was acting weird

Justin: which way weird like running around crazy funny weird or rude grumpy mean weird

Danielle: rude grumpy mean weird

Justin: do you think she knows

Danielle: dawn would have asked me about it so I don't think so

Justin: oh okay

Danielle: what do you wanna do

Justin: cuddle and watch a movie

Danielle: fine by me just let me change

I grabbed some gray hello kitty shorts and a gray crop top that says dance and my black slippers(if you wanna see the outfit go to @shybelieber19 )

Justin: looking mighty fine

Danielle: well thank you

I climbed into bed and nuzzled up with Justin then he turned the movie on. Half way though the movie I fell asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEXT DAY & JAZ POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up and then saw dawn talking to Danielle. I didn't want to interrupt ha who am I kidding I wanna snoop. I crawled and listened to their convo.

Dawn: Danielle I don't think she wants to go

Danielle: just ask her

Dawn: she doesn't have um...any money

Danielle: justin can buy her stuff

Dawn: but then you said we are going to the pool

Danielle: she can buy a bathing suit now go wake her up!!!

I crawled back to my room as fast as I could then I got in bed and pretended I was asleep

Dawn: hey jazzy get up we are going to the mall then the pool

Jaz: ugh okay fine

I got up and went to my bathroom. I washed my hair my body and then shaved then I put on a black crop top that had the words fresh written on it and the shoulders cut off then a pair of red jeans a black beanie and my black combat boots and my shades. I walked out then I waited for dawn after 20 minutes she came out and then there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it and saw justin and Danielle.

Jaz: they're here

I turned back around to them and looked at justin then at Danielle

Justin: oh Jaz you look great

Jaz: thanks

Then Dawn walked put and I followed her

Justin: so we all have money right

Jaz: I do

Justin: you •pointing to Danielle•

Danielle: yup

Dawn: I do

We got into the taxi and he took us to the mall we got out and me and dawn went straight to forever 21 while I was picking out clothes I heard someone say OMG ITS JAZMINE ARK!!!

I turned around and a whole crowd was rushing towards me. I looked a dawn and she just smiled. Then they got closer I looked around and saw those mini ladders. I found one and climbed up in it


The quickly formed a line and we got to signing. Once We finished our hands were tired. Then we walked out we wanted to eat do we went to the food court. While we were walking I saw the paparazzi me and dawn put on our shades but it's was to late.

Paps: hey jazmine how are you...I love your's you and Justin's relationship....can you pose with dawn

I looked at dawn and she shrugged her shoulders

Jaz: ugh fine I will answer your questions only if we can eat while we do it

Paps: fine by me

We got in line at mcdonalds and waited for our turn.

Cashier: who's next

I looked up at the boy

Jaz: hey can I have a salad with ranch dressing a coke and a fruit parfait.

Dawn: can I have a mc double a dr pepper and a fruit parfait

Cashier: coming right up jazmine and dawn

Jaz: thanks

We waited by the counter and then the boy came out with out food

Cashier: you guys should text me sometime •handing us our food•

Jaz: maybe..

Dawn: where's your number

Cashier: oh I wrote it on jazmines cup

We blushed and walked to a table

Pap; okay how have you been

Jaz: tired can't you tell I broke my leg

Pap: oh yeah in that accident

Jaz: yup

Pap: oh dawn how are you we heard you fainted

Dawn: I'm fine

I laughed at her and then she looked at me

Dawn: what

Jaz: you have burger all over you face

Pap: hey can you guys take a silly picture

Dawn: my face

Pap: it's funny Imma name it jazmines new bestfriend

Dawn&jaz: I like it

We looked at eachother and laughed

Pap: hey what happened to selena

Jaz: I forgave her

Pap: where's justin

Jaz: I don't know I think he's with the other dancer her name is Danielle

Pap: oh

Jaz: why are being so nice are you new

Pap: nope being nice gives me nice photos of you and your crew

Jaz: well thanks for being nice we have to go

Pap: okay wait one more can you give me sweet

Jaz: of course

Me and dawn smiled and then he walked off. Then we heard foot steps running we turned around and saw a bunch of paps chasing justin and Danielle

Justin: hurry they spotted us shopping on the mall!!!

I ran as fast as I could on my crutches towards the entrance.

Then taxi was there waiting we got in and drove back to the hotel.

~~~~at the hotel~~~~

Jaz: okay I'm going to go write some songs.

Dawn: I wanna help

Jaz: okay

Danielle: well me and justin are going to the pool

Jaz: bye

Once the door closed it went off pacing back and forth

Jaz: who do they think they are!!!! Those bitches ugh!!! What if they were caught kissing really what got into them one minute they barely talk the next they are sucking faces!!!!!!!!!

Dawn: well my sister was better know for the things she does on the mattress back home


Dawn: oh my gosh!!!!

Jaz: what

Dawn: her answer machine is still the same it says hey it's me leave a message make it hot

Jaz: really oh my gosh!!! Can she act

Dawn: she's doing it know •laughing•

Jaz: i never seen this coming your twin betraying me wow

Dawn: you got the song already

Jaz: nope I have a few more things to do

Dawn: let me see it

I gave her the notebook and she laughed

Dawn: really now go sit down in the corner and think about what you've done!!!

Jaz: yes!!! •laughing•

Then my phone started to ring I looked at it and rolled my eyes

Dawn: who is it

Jaz: justin

Dawn: answer it!!!!

I answered it and put it on speaker

Justin: babe I need you lips

Jaz: I'm suppose to help that by

Justin: opening your door

I got up and opened the door then justin pushed his lips on mine I closed my eyes and kissed because dawn was in the back mouthing kiss back. We pulled away and I saw Danielle leaning on the door frame looking at me like I'm old news.i looked at her and smirked

Jaz: okay bye

I pushed justin and Danielle out then turned around to dawn and I wiped my mouth with my hand

Jaz: eww I basically just kissed your sister yuck!!!

She laughed and then we spent the rest of the night writing 3 songs.

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