im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


17. jacky!!

me and selena got inside the bus and we were scared to death. asking ourselves why didnt he take ariana,whats happening to the sweet lovable justin i fell for or we fell for. whats going to happen to us. then the devil walked on the bus

justin: who told zayn to get you guys

then selena was about to open her mouth but i did before she did

jaz: mine only mine

justin: okay then you will be punished

selena: no it was her

jaz: ssshh selena ~whispering~

justin: what is she talking about

jaz: nothing ignore her

selena: i told zayn to get us jaz didnt do anything

justin: is this true jaz

i looked her in her eyes

jaz: NO im telling the truth

he then took my arm and took me to

his room. i looked her in his eyes

jaz: why are you doing this

then his eyes turned back to normal, then he kissed me. but before i knew it Justin's eyes turn to black once again.

justin: im sorry what im about to do

then he grabbed my hair and slapped me punched me kicked me and then i saw him going in his closet

jaz:•crying• what are you doing

then he came out with a belt. i was scared of the belt at all.

jaz:you dont scare me

then he looked at me and slapped me across my face which made me fall. i tried to

crawl out the room. but then i felt a strong sharp pain in my leg and feet. i looked at my leg and feet he stabbed me. i looked at him then backed up to the door. he kneeled down to me and put the knife on the floor next to me. i grabbed the knife then i stabbed him in his shoulder. i ran out of his room and to my room to clean myself up.

its been 3 months since justin beat me that day. we dont live in the tour bus anymore we live in a mansion. ryan and grace live with us. grace selena and i share a room. we have all the stuff we need. food water soap bathroom girly stuff clothes etc.

i was woken up by a happy selena.

selena:~whisoering~ jacky's coming with the police

then i heard sirens. i ran to lock the door. i woke up grace and we packed our bags and waited until jacky came to the door. we waited for 10 minutes then we heard her sweet voice.

jacky: come on girls open up its safe

grace opened the door and i ran to jacky.

she took us to the hospital to make sure we were okay

30 minutes later

doctor: they are fine just need to heal from bruises and cuts

jacky:okay girls lets go home

we got to her house

jaz: are the boys- jacky: in jail then yes.

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