im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


1. i'll try my best

i woke up to my retarded alarm meanin it was 5:30. i got out my bed and went to my bathroom. i did my morning routine washed my hair and every other body part. i got out the shower and got dressed. i ran downstairs and ate an apple i really wasnt that hungry becuase well the school  auction is today and i have to be bought. they say its for the technoloy for our school i doubt it. i ran back to my room and did my makeup. i had a purple dress on (like the one ariana grande had on at the vmas) and put on my purple heels and did my makeup. i may seem of a tomboy but im a girly girl , my favorite color is purple and pink and im  way to nice hahaah got you there if you tick me off i will go ham on you!! i heard my bestfriend beep her car horn and i grabbed my stuff and went to her car. her names grace and well she has the exact same dress on but in pink and we act alike!

grace:so who do you want to be bought by

jazmine: you really want to be bought by a boy

grace: you know you wanna be bought

she was right i was dying to be bought by the biggest jocks dumbasses ever!!

jazmine: i dont what if they are jerks

grace: me and you can fight just hit them where they dont want to be hit and then run

jazmine: we can gang up on them *laughing*

grace:yes were here!!

jazmine: great being seen in this wonderful gorgeous dress

grace: well at least we just go to the auditorium the whole day with no classes

jazmine: yeah but then just- i mean boys are going to be looking at me and then make me nervous

grace: wait back up that train JUSTIN

jazmine: no what no way

grace: you like justin wait which justin!?

jazmine*mumbling* bieber

grace: BIEBER!!!


grace:i can totally hook yall up

jazmine: no dont

grace:yes do

jazmine:no no no

i knew she wasnt going to give up

jazmine: fine

grace: eeeeee

then we walked inside the auditorium and i saw justin with his caramel eyes and then he started to walk over to us


grace: hey

justin: can i talk to jaz alone

omg he gave me a nickname JAZ!!!

jazmine: whats up

justin: you look beautiful

jazmine:*giggling*thanks not to bad yourself

justin:i will try my best to buy you today

then kissed my cheek and i felt myself turn red



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