im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


10. I finished it

My phone buzzed and I ran to pick it

It was a text from grace


G:hey wanna go shopping

J:sure what bout justy

G:justy really and he can come as well

J: okay he said sure

G:great I'm comin around at 1:30 and I got a surprise

J:okay and oooo surprise!! 💋

End of convo

When I turned around justin wasn't there. I went upstairs to his room and saw him in the shower singing.

Justin: You've got that smile,

That only heaven can make.

I pray to God everyday,

That you keep that smile.

Yeah, you are my dream,

There's not a thing I won't do.

I'd give my life up for you,

'Cause you are my dream.

And baby, everything that I have is yours,

You will never go cold or hungry.

I'll be there when you're insecure,

Let you know that you're always lovely.

Girl, 'cause you are the only thing that I got right now.

One day when the sky is falling,

I'll be standing right next to you,

Right next to you.

Nothing will ever come between us,

'Cause I'll be standing right next to you,

Right next to you.

I recorded the whole thing and saved it to my phone. Then he walked out the bathroom

Justin:what are doing •looking behind my back

Jaz:oh nothing

Justin:what is it jazzy!!!

Jaz:more nicknames uhh Jaz then jazzy wow you're good!!

Then justin snatched my phone from me and listened to the video/tape.

Justin:I'm deleting this and you're funny you were moving your head and everything ha

Jaz:whatever I'm getting ready


I quickly washed myself,did my hair

I walked to my suitcase (I always have a suitcase at justins if I stay over or something)

I put on a tshirt that had Minnie mouse's face in it and black high waisted shorts and my converses

I went downstairs and saw justin waiting for me.


Jaz:yup wait I thought grace was picking us up

Then I saw her walk out the bathroom

Grace: hey girl!!

I ran to her and gave her a hug

Grace:okay the surprise I'm showing you is a boy and you guys know him and he's going to be at the mall with us.

Justin&jaz: cool

We got in her car.i sat I the back with justin, he put his hand on my upper thigh and squeezed it.

Justin: I love you

Jaz:I love you too

Then I gave him a kiss

Grace: I'm guys we're here

We pulled away and got out the car

We went In a forever 21 and justin liked everything I was picking out

Jaz:you really are excited about being in the mall in a girl store

Justin:only because these clothes are tight

Jaz: oh really......but they're hard to pull off!!

Justin:aww man nevermind can we go

Jaz: okay okay let me check out

I checked out and saw grace looking worried

Jaz:what's wrong

Grace:he's late I hope nothing happened to him

Jaz: he's fine he'll be here soon •hugging her•

When I pulled away she pushed me and justin caught me


Justin:she pushed you hard as hell!!

Jaz: I know

Then I got on Justin's back and walked to grace

The boys back was towards us so we couldn't see his face but then grace saw us then she pulled away.

Grace: Jazmine and justin you remember Ryan

Then he turned around and justin pulled me behind him. I looked over Justin's shoulder

Ryan:hey guys long time no see

Justin: hey now me and Jaz have to go

Grace:but we only spent 2 hours together

Jaz: yeah 2 hours is enough

Grace:okay bye •hugging Ryan's arm•

We said bye and walked. I turned around to look at grace.......but then I saw Ryan slap her and she fell. I got out of Justin's grip and ran to her side

Grace:I'm okay just go away

Justin kneeled beside me

Jaz: come on we're leaving

Grace: I'm okay just leave me alone

Jaz: no I'm taking you to Justin's house


then she pushed me to the ground and punched me. Then it was a full on war.

I jumped back up and punched her in the nose then she punched me in my stomach then I got another good punch to her face. Then we were pulled away from our boyfriends

Grace: I'm so so so- I cut her off

Jaz: bitch please I was trying to help you but you wanted a fight you started it so I finished it

Grace: jaz- I cut her off again

Jaz: next time I'm going to let Ryan beat your ass

Then I stuck my middle finger up at her and left

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