im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


85. hormonal


Jaz: im fucking pushing

Doc:push a little harder

I pushed harder and then i heard crying

Justins pov

3 hours before

Jaz: hey Justin do we have pickles

Justin: no why

Jaz: i want some pickles

Justin: you don't like pickles

Jaz: i know but im craving them

I shook my head and turned to her

Justin: ill go some what else do you want or need

Jaz: umm we have all the babies stuff our hospital bag....all i need is a kiss from my sexy husband

I kissed and hugged her well half hugged because her stomach is like the size of 5 watermelons...shes huge!!I walked out the door and made my way to the store The past 6 months have been crazy,amazing,full of doctor appointments. Our friends and family would come over to either hang out or watch over jazmine when i had to meet up with scooter. (That sounds like shes a baby lol) jazmine has been craving some crazy stuff one time she wanted cream cheese with ranch and bacon...she actually ate it. I pulled up into the parking lot and got out. I grabbed a jar of pickles, some baby supplies, 2 containers of cotton candy ice cream, and some sour patch kids. When i got home jazmine was laying down on the couch rubbing her stomach. I smiled

Justin: baby i got the pickles

She got up as fast as she could and wobbled over to the kitchen. I placed the pickle jar in front of her and she opened.

Justin: does being pregnant give you strength?

Jaz: hmm i dont think so •giggling•

Justin: youre so cute when you gigglie

Jaz: when am i sexy?

Justin: every second of the day

Jaz: my cheeseball is back

Justin: ahh cheeseball i can never get sick of that

Jaz: good because thats your new name

Justin: i thought bubbles waa my new name

Jaz: hehe bubbles bieber we should name our dog bubbles

Justin: what kind of dog

Jaz: a baby pitbull!!!!

Justin: yup fine by me but im not telling you when im getting it

Jaz: figured

~~~~~~~1 hour later~~~~~~

We we're currently cuddling in our bedroom watching titanic well jazmines watching titanic im rubbing her belly. Jazmine looks up at me and smiled

Jaz: i love you

Justin: i love you more

Jaz: no i love you more

Justin: i love you a zillion times more

Jaz: i lov- umm justin either i just peed or my water broke.

I pulled the covers away and helped jazmine up

Justin: come on the hospital bag is the car

We got in the car and drove to the hospital. I sat jazmine in a seat and ran upto the front desk

Justin: hi my wife is having babies

The lady looked up and started smiling

Lady: youre youre

Justin: im justin bieber i know are you going to help us or do i have to ask for someone else?

Lady: oh right jazmine come sit in the wheelchair

I helped her up and walk to the wheel chair. We got to a room and the nurses gave jaz a shot and hooked her up to some machines. The doctor came in about 20 minutes later

Doc: okay time to push justin grab her hand and nurse candi grab her other hand and jazmine i need you to push



Jaz: im fucking pushing

Doc:push a little harder

I pushed harder and then i heard crying they cut the cord

Doc: its a boy

The doctor handed him to a nurse to clean

Justin: youre doing amazing you pushed out jason only one more

I groaned and smiled at him

Jaz: only one more

Doc: okay push and squeeze their hands if you need too

I squeezed their hands harder than before than i pushed and i let out a yelp when i felt the baby come out

Doc: its a girl

She cut the cord and handed her to the nurse. The doctor handed me jason. And then justin got jessica.

Doctor: okay the sons full name

Justin: jason grant bieber

Doctor: okay the daughter

Jaz: jessica rose bieber

The doctor nodded and walked out and a nurse showed me well explained how im suppise to feed the babies.

Jaz: okay thank you

She walked out and i looked at justin

Jaz: we're parents

I kissed jason and rubbed his fingers. Justin was admiring jessica

Justin: shes beautiful

Jaz: he looks like you did when you were a baby

Justin chuckled and handed me jessica and i handed him jason

Jaz: she is beautiful

Justin: and hes handsome

Jessica grabbed my finger and i kissed her cheek. Then the door opened and my dad,pattie,selena,taylor,grace,dawn,jazzy,jaxon,and jeremy came in. Jazzy walked up to me

Jazzy: youre stomach wasnt big because you ate to many cookies was it?

Jaz: no jazzy but i did eat alot of wanna hold her

She nodded and jeremy picked her up and sat her beside me

Jaz: okay lean back and put your arms like this

She followed the directions and i put jessica in her arms

Jazzy: its like holding my baby but shes heavier

I laughed and saw pattie holding jason

Jaz: does t he look like justin when he was a baby

Pattie: im so happy im not the only one who thought that

After everyone held the babies everyone left except for pattie dawn and grace

Jaz: why is this so uncomfortable

I just started feeding jason and he was sucking hard as hell

Pattie: you get use to it justin was just like that

Justin: mommmm

Pattie laughed and hugged justin. Jason stopped and i was relieved

Jaz: okay hand me jess

I gave justin jason and dawn handed me jess. Jess was more gently the jason. After i fed her i looked over At dawn

Dawn: long time no see

Jaz:i saw you at my wedding well that was awhile ago hows your-

I looked over at justin he was occupied talking to jason

Jaz: sister

Dawn: she wanted to come but my mom said no cause she just going to cause drama and i didnt want to drive her here

I shook my head

Jaz: i remember that concert like it was yesterday

Dawn: me too..i still tease her about it

Jaz: ahhh is having a twin fun

Dawn: sometimes i love it when my parents buy us stuff...double everything

I looked down at jessica

Jaz: you hear that having a twin will be fun

I saw her smirk a little

Dawn: i really have to go if i want to get home before dark

Jaz: you can stay with us

Dawn: really i dont want to intrude

Jaz: no its fine pattie's staying so you wont

Dawn: okay thank you so much


Pattie: jazmine you and justin get some rest i'll wake you up when dinners ready

Jaz: no its fi-

Pattie: no you just had twins youre going to sleep

Jaz: thank you

Me and justin went to our room and fell asleep


Pattie: kids get up foods ready

We walked downstairs and the smell of spaghetti filled my nose. I saw the babies asleep in there car seats at the table. We sat down and dug in. Dinner was made up of laughing, talking, the occasional cry but over all this day was Amazing

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Okay guys i want to know if you want me to keep writing in this story or make a sequel?

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