im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


6. he really doesn't remember

I got out of the shower and headed for my closet until I remembered justin was in my room. I ran into my closet

Justin: you forgot I was in here


Justin:I won't bite

Jaz:yeah but you would probably stare

Justin: if you don't want me to then I won't


Justin: promise


Then I opened the door and put my clothes on my dresser

I put lotion on then put on my jean shorts,purple shirt,and my purple and gray Jordans. Then I jumped beside justin and kissed his cheek.



Then he took my hand and walked down the stairs

Dad:jasmine where are you going

Jaz:to hang with my boy

Looking in his eyes

Dad:be home by 11:30 pm okay


Then we walked to Justin's car

Justin:so I'm yours huh

Jaz:of course and I'm yours

Justin:I love you

Jaz:I love you way more!!

Then we leaned in and kissed each other he licked my lips and put his tongue in and we locked them then they dance together. Then justin pulled away

Jaz:you're tongue likes my tongue a lot!!!

Justin: I wonder why.....

Jaz:because I'm adorable

Justin:I wouldn't say that.....


Justin:you're gorgeous

Jaz:aww I love you

Then we drove to the mall

I got out the car

Jaz:can I get on you're back


He bent down and I got on his back and licked his cheek

Justin:EWWWWW gross

Jaz:you didn't say ew when my tongue was touching you

Justin:never mind

Jaz:yup I thought so

Then we got in the mall and justin dragged me into forever 21

Jaz:what are we doing here

Justin: buying you stuff


Justin:it's a surprise

Jaz: okay

Then we tried on a lot of outfits some were dressy and others were casual. We didn't buy anything.… I was a little confused

•skate park•

Justin was skating with his friend Ryan

Then he ran to me

Justin: wanna learn


I got up and walked to Justin's board.

Justin:oKay balance and I'm going to move you

Jaz:you can let go

Justin:you sure

Jaz: yes

Then I started to skate

Justin's eyes were huge so was Ryan's

Ryan:you know how to skate



He really doesn't remember....…

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