im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


69. hanging with the bestie

Jacky: okay Jaz go get ready!!!

Jaz: okay okay

I got out of bed and went to take another shower because I just came from working out. Hey a girl needs to be fit!! I stripped and hopped In the shower

Jacky pov

Jacky: okay she's in the shower does everyone know what they're suppose to do

Justin: sort of

Jacky: what do you mean sort of

Justin: well if she has a boyfriend why would she come with me...she may think I may try to make a move

Jacky: I'm gonna tell her to go with you and Selena's coming with you

Justin: oh okay

Jaz pov

I got out the shower picked out a cutout millionaire dress black heels a khaki colored lipstick and mascara foundation you know the basics. then i straightened my hair and then walked out. i guess everyone was waiting on me


jaz: sorry i took long

jacky: no problem so jaz you will get in the car with justin-

jaz: with justin!!!

jacky: you didnt let me finish with justin and selena

jaz: oh okay

justin: why so harsh

jaz: sorry about that

jacky: enough chit chat lets go

everyone walked put the door once we got in the lobby justin and selena walked away talking about something i walked over to them and then they immediately stopped talking

jaz: whatcha talking about

selena: nothing

jaz: was it about me

justin: no no its nothing just go wait in the car •giving me the keys•

i walked to the car and sat in the back. a few minutes later they got in the car and we drove to where ever the party for selena is.

once we pulled up to the party i looked around and saw a stadium

jaz: why are we at a stadium

justin: i dont know but we have to go in from the back

i looked around and saw girls with signs saying i love you one direction

jaz: one directions here

justin: yeah they came for the get together

jaz: oh she doesn-

he quickly turned around and shook his head and then turned back around. i then remembered that selena didnt know.

justin parked the car and we got out. we got inside the stadium and saw everyone standing around and talking. After talking to everyone for awhile then i started to hear screaming then i remembered the signs

jaz: jacky wheres Liam

jacky: well i guess we gotta do this a little early

then she walked away. okay now im officially confused!!! i walked over to selena

jaz: you like your party

selena: youre really having a blonde moment

jaz: what.

selena: this isnt for me this is for-

then i heard liam call me

liam: JAZMINE i need you!!!

selena: thats youre cue

i looked at everyone and they nodded and smiled

jacky: follow the arrows

i looked on the ground and saw pink arrows leading to the stage

i got to the stage and saw liam standing there by a chair

liam: bae take a seat

jaz: whats going on

liam: remember when we kissed

jaz: yeah

liam: well i wanna be your last first kiss

then the crowd went wild

they started singing last first kiss to me. i started tearing up i smiled at him and once he finished the song i stood up and kissed his lips as soft as possible and then the stadium exploded into aw. he grabbed my hand and we walked off stage

liam: how did you like it?

jaz: why

liam: why what

jaz: why did you do this

liam: well your birthday is next week and i will be on tour and you will be finishing so might as well give your present early

jaz: aww thank you but im still bummed you wont be here

liam: i am too but at least your family and friends will be here right

jaz: i guess so

we hugged and kissed then he ran on stage


***************************MY BIRTHDAY**********************************

 Everyone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I smiled and then looked at everyone

Jaz: you guys are amazing!!!!

Selena: we know

Jaz: and you guys are looking fabulous who came up with the theme

Selena: guess

Jaz: I don't wanna

Selena: guess

Jaz: ugh fine umm you

Selena: no you suck at guessing it was justin!!!!

Jaz: JUSTIN!!!

He turned around and he had a mouthful of cake and icing around his mouth he smiled and then turned back around. I walked upto him and hugged him he was surprised but then he hugged back

Jaz: glow in the dark theme how did you know

Justin: I know my jazzy

Jaz: yeah your jazzy

I hugged him one last time

Jaz: now go finish my cake

Justin: I will

I walked towards jacky and hugged her tight

Jacky: okay honey to tight!!!

Jaz: sorry •laughing•

Jacky: no problem

Jaz: now i gotta get you on stage

Jacky: why


Jacky: oh dear

I ran on stage and grabbed a mic

Jaz: okay everybody since it's my birthday and you guys bought me all those amazing gifts and planned this amazing party I want to sing an amazing song for you guys everyone knows it

Then the crowd went wild

Jaz: Come and put your name on it

Put your name on it

Come and put your name on it

Your name

Bet you wanna put your name on it

Put your name on it

Come and put your name on it


It's not even my birthday

But he want to lick the icing off

I know you want it in the worst way

Can't wait to blow my candles out

He want that cake, cake,

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Cake, cake, cake

Ooh baby, I like it

You so excited

Don't try to hide it

I'mma make you my bitch

Cake, cake, cake, cake

Cake, cake, cake, cake

Cake, cake, cake, cake

Cake, cake, cake

I know you wanna bite this

Its so enticin'

Nothin' else like this

I'mma make you my bitch

And it's not even my birthday

But you wanna put your name on it

I looked at the crowd and they were all clapping and dancing

I started to laugh and walk off stage once I did justin grabbed my hand and pulled me to a big table


Jaz: how many cakes do we have

Justin: the one I was eating and this one

Jaz: oooo red velvet!!!

Justin: I know right •laughing•

Once everyone surrounded me they started singing happy birthday once they finished I blew out all 19 candles

When I did they all screamed happy birthday and clapped

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up and immediately took a shower and got ready because I'm suppose to be hanging with justin today. Yeah yeah what about the paparazzi we will TRY to stay disguised and Liam he won't worry about because he knows I love him to the moon and back.

I got out the shower and put on a pair of white shorts a black crop top that Liam bought me that says Payne 93 a black leather jacket with no sleeves and my converses.

I walked out of my room and saw Justin waiting for me on the couch playing flappy bird on his phone

Justin: ready

Jaz: how did you know I was watching you

Justin: your eyes were burning into my neck

Jaz: is that a good thing or a bad thing

Justin: hmm since I'm saying your eyes are burning into my neck bad thing no offense

Jaz: offense taken

Justin: sorry •laughing•

Jaz: okay let's get this day started!


Justin: okay okay do it again

Jaz: ha okay so me and Liam were at his moms house and we were making out then he unbuttoned my pants and then his mom busted through the door and said OH MY GOD!!! Liam just so you know you can't get the girl pregnant your dick is to small!!!!

Justin: she did not!!!

Jaz: she so did •laughing•

Justin: what did you do

Jaz: I laughed and when she left I kept saying Liam gotta tiny dick oh yeah....he was mad at me for 2 hours

Justin: you're so mean!!!

Jaz: no I'm not

Then we saw flashes we both groaned and ran into the coffee shop we took a seat in the back of the restaurant and asked the manager if he can keep the paparazzi out . After talking and laughing we wanted to get back to the hotel and just relax.



Jaz: we were just at the Outside mall

Jacky: yeah were there any paparazzi

Jaz: yes...

Jacky: if Liam is upset about this don't come crying to me

Jaz: I won't I have justin and selena to cry on

Jacky: I'm just letting you know

Then she walked out of the room and went to her room.

Justin: if Liam actually loves and cares about you he won't be stupid like me and not believe you

Jaz: you're not stupid

Justin: yes I am

Jaz: you are my best friend in the whole world no your not!!!!

Justin: yes I am

Jaz: stop lying or I will leave and go to my room

Justin:well you're gonna have to leave then because I'm stupid

Jaz: okay good bye

I went to my room changed my clothes and went on my Mac book and after a little bit of searching randomness I got tired and fell asleep


Sorry I haven't updated in so lonnnnggggg!!!!!! But thank you for the 345 readers!!!! Love you guys mwauh!!!!!!






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