im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


37. go have fun!!

It's been 2 months since me and selena moved in. We met some friends that we met at Starbucks and we hang....I'm finally getting over justin but the paparazzi know where we are so now we are being attacked but one time a camera man shoved a the camera in my face while I was walking inside the mall so guess what i did I shoved my knee in his crotch and broke everyone's REBEL I KNOW RIGHT!!! I'm surprised it didn't come up on the news or anything. Oh I almost forgot to tell you our new friends names. It's 2 boys and 2 girls....Tyler and Bryson and the girls talia and Giana.

Giana: HEY!!! Jazzy....are you in there?!

I jumped out of my thought and looked at her

Jaz: sorry what did you say

Giana: ugh this is your 3rd Time today!!!

Jaz:sorry please repeat

Giana: ugh okay someone's at the door

Jaz: you get it

Giana: nope it for you

Jaz:*getting up* who is it

Giana: I can't tell you just go see

Jaz: ugh

Then i opened the door and saw a crying justin

Jaz:•not looking in his eyes• what are you doing here

Justin: jacky told me to wait but I couldn't so I came

Jaz: now can you l-

Then Giana came to the door

Giana: Jaz!!! Come in justin

Then I walked in giving Giana the death eye. Then selena and Tyler walked in the living room

Selena: hey Jaz what's up with the death stare

Then she saw justin

Selena: nevermind....hey justin

Justin: hey

Jaz: so why did you come


Giana cut him off

Giana: come justin your shaking

Justin: well it was raining outside so....

Giana: right okay let's get you some of Tyler's clothes and take a bath

Justin: okay thanks Gigi

Giana: Gigi really justin •blushing•

Jaz: aww let's leave these two love birds alone

Justin: we are not love-

Giana: •screaming from upstairs• your baths ready

Then justin walked upstairs

Jaz: oooo SELENA AND TYLER where's Bryson

Selena: upstairs

Jaz: go get him we are going to go have fun!!!!

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