im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


71. do you have feelings for him

we walked out the hotel and casual made our way to the pizza parlor. 

justin: what you gonna do when liam finds out you snuck out with me

jaz: i dont know why

justin: just wanted to know

he then lifted up his sleeves and started touching his muscles


justin: theyre bigger than yours

jaz: Im a girl i dont want muscles


jaz; you wanna see mine 

justin: yes mam i do

jaz: okay fine

i pulled up my sleeve and then flexed

justin: ooo little miss jazzy has some muscles

jaz: and theyre bigger than yours

then my feet suddenly left the ground and i was thrown over justins shoulder

jaz: big head put me down!!

justin: no take it back

jaz: which one big head or small muscles?

justin: both

jaz: in that case no

justin: take one of them back 

jaz: im sorry you have a big head

justin: how rude take the other one back

jaz: not gonna happen dude

justin: then your'e not being put down

jaz: ugh 

then i saw flashes and heard yelling coming from the other side of the street

jaz: uhh justin the paparazzi is here

justin: we knew they were gonna come at some point

jaz: as usual

justin: so are we gonna run like pussys or ignore them and be bad asses

jaz: bad asses

we kept walking and they finally caught up to us haha they're slow 

pap: hey hey are you two dating

^no reply

pap: jazmine are you cheating on liam with justin 

^no reply

i told justin to put me down and after he did we kept walking ignoring them   

pap: are you a slut like your mother

i stopped walking and turned around and walked up to him

pap: so you turn around for that question

jaz; what the fuck am i  suppose to do let you talk about my dead mother like that every single one of you are sick as motherfuckers that think they can do whatever you want 

pap: you let us talk about you like that and no we're not this is our job

jaz: im not dead just fuck off oh and by  the way you may want a new one 

pap: whatever can i get a picture

jaz: of course 

i got closer to him and put  my middle finger up to the camera lens 

jaz: there's your picture

i turned back to justin and walked into the pizza parlor


*************************************2 hours later************************************

we walked out the parlor laughing and messing around. 

justin: you wanna do something crazy

jaz: how crazy

justin: something only 21 year olds do

jaz: i like the sound of that 

justin: well the drinks are in our hotel room jacky left it in the cabinet

jaz: lets go

we got to the hotel room and quietly opened  the door and turned the lights on. we walked in and then i saw jacky sitting on the couch looking at her watch

jacky: its 12;34 where have you been

jaz: eating pizza having fun what about you

jacky: worried sick about two 19 year olds

justin: sorry we'll get to bed

jaz: no what about the-

justin: we'll do that tomorrow

jaz: okay

we got to my room and i gave him a hug goodnight and then he left i jumped into bed and i fell asleep


******************************NEXT DAY***************************

i woke up a bunch of texts from liam saying facetime him. ugh here we go

i grabbed my lap top and facetimed him.  once it connected i saw an angry liam

jaz: yeah yeah i thought i said not to hang with justin

liam: wow i didn't know sluts were smart

jaz: im not a fucking slut

liam: the apple doesnt fall to far from the tree

jaz: shut the fuck up

liam: why because you know im right

jaz: no because your'e being stupid

liam: yeah you know i am being stupid why am i arguing with a slut

jaz: bye liam your'e being a dick

liam: no justin's being a dick for hanging out with you and he knows your'e dating me

jaz: at least we weren't flirting

liam: oh yeah laughing, showing off your muscles, and him caring you isnt flirting at all

jaz: dont you dare be sarcastic with me!!

liam: then stop hanging with justin

jaz:  why don't you want me to hang out with justin anymore

liam: because...

jaz: because what

liam:if he does something to make you love him you still love him

oh god that question....

liam: jazmine do you still have feelings for justin

of course i do he's sweet caring sexy even though he hurt me a billion times he still has a place in my heart and i can't let him go

jaz: fine i don't want to lie to you i do have feelings for justin and they never went away but my feelings towards you are stronger 

liam: i knew it *shaking his head*

jaz: but i love you  my feelings towards justin is like puppy love right now

liam: puppy love grows

jaz: but i wont grow...

liam: okay we can talk about this when i see you in Los Angeles

jaz: we're going to Los Angeles?

liam: i bought a house in Calabasas and you're moving in with me 

jaz: what about my stuff

liam: already talked to your dad and he dropped all your stuff off stuff off yesterday

jaz: when do we fly back

liam: tomorrow

jaz: are you having fun on tour

liam: we stopped touring for a bit because there was an emergency with paul's family

paul is one directions manager

jaz: oh that sucks are you in L.A now

liam: yyup keeping our bed warm

jaz: can't wait to cuddle with you 

liam: aww youre so chessy and the guys say hi 

jaz: tell them i said hi

liam: i'll talk to you later we just ordered pizza 

jaz: okay love you

liam: love you more


i clicked end and closed my lap top all that talking made me sleepy. i pulled the covers over my body and fell asleep




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