im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


74. didn't expect him

Justin lifted me up on the sink counter and turned the sink on and rinsed the cloth.

Justin: this may hurt

Jaz: okay

Justin started to dab and the dried blood off my face. After 10 minutes he finished

Justin: okay done

I looked into the mirror and saw my face had some bandages on it

Jaz: I look terrible

Justin:no you don't

Jaz: sure okay

Justin: I'm foreal..let's go downstairs grab some ice cream and watch titanic

Jaz:'sometimes I think you're a girl...

Justin: if I'm a girl that means you loved a girl

No that means I love a girl.... This boy drives me crazy!!!! Ugh but you gotta love him

Jaz: loved...

Justin: yeah....let's go watch that movie eat ice cream and cuddle!!!!

Justin pov

Jaz: loved

She looked down when she said that does that mean she loves me? I'm so confused oh dear jazmine jazmine jazmine I'm in love with you!!!!!

We had a tub of cotton candy flavored ice cream. Jazmine was snuggled up close to me with head laying on my lap I was rubbing her side I know she was relaxed and it was soothing

Jaz pov

Justin was rubbing my side it felt nice I just wanted to kiss him..... Then the sex scene was on (titanic) and that wasn't helping anything yeah yeah go ahead and say it u horny or naw!! But I'm serious I want him so bad I miss him.... I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back and then I turned on my stomach and my ear was by his dick. I looked up at him and he laughed. Then I felt him get a boner. I looked down and started laughing.

Jaz: what's making you horny

Justin: you...

Jaz: oh really whys tha-

He smashed his lips into mine and of course I kissed back. I pulled away and looked at justin and smiled

Justin: I've been wanting to do that for so fucking long!!

Jaz: oh really

He nodded and I pressed my lips on his again. We fell asleep cuddling

Justin pov

I woke up and Jaz wasn't in my arm. I walked up to the bedroom and heard her crying in the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom and saw jazmine in the corner cutting herself crying. I ran over to her and took the razor from her


She just stared at her wrist rocking back and fourth.

Justin: JAZMINE!!!!

She looked at me and her eyes were blood red like she hasn't been sleeping.

Justin: JAZMINE ARK!!!!

I grabbed her arm and picked her up

Then I heard her speak

Jaz: please please don't hurt me I didn't do anything wrong I'll clean up I'm sorry

She ran out the bathroom and a few minutes later she came back with a wet rag

Jaz: I'm sorry I'll clean up and cook you something to eat I'm sorry

Justin: jazmine

Jaz: yes Liam....


Justin: I'm not Liam

Jaz: yes you are you just yelled at me and hit me last night.....

Justin: jazzy I'm justin

She looked at me and then she shook her head

Jaz: are you gonna hurt me too

Damn she just list her fucking mind

Justin: no come on were gonna go to the doctor

Jaz: no no Liam doesn't want me hanging out with you

Justin: Liam isn't here

Jaz: but he'll find out

I shook my head and then went to pick her up. I touched her arm and the she started screaming. I let go of her arm and she stopped screaming. I went back downstairs and called jacky

(Jb-justin j-jacky)

Jb: jacky you need to come over jazmines house ASAP

J: is it about last night

Jb: sort of she screaming, cutting herself, and thinks Liam's here

J: oh god I'm on my way

Jb: okay

I went back and saw jazmine in the shower

Jaz: I cleaned up like you told me too

Justin: Jaz I'm not Liam

Jaz: stop lying

Justin: I'm justin

Jaz: Ouch

Justin: what are you doing

Jaz: nothing

Justin: jazmine what are you doing

Jaz: I said nothing

I opened the shower door and I saw she had the razor again

Justin: Jaz can you give me the razor

Jaz: no

Justin: please

Jaz: no

Justin: I'm giving you 3 seconds give me the razor....1. 2. 3

I went in the shower and grabbed the razor out of her hand. Then she started screaming. I picked her up bridal style and then put her on the bed. I grabbed her under clothes and put that on her and then grabbed a tshirt and sweatpants and put that on her. When she finally stopped screaming I held her like a baby rocking back and fourth whispering it's okay. Jacky came bursting through the door and then jazmines eyes opened and looked at me and her eyes started to get teary and she jumped up and ran to the corner and started to scream.

Justin: see what you did

Jacky: sorry but this is my baby

Jacky walked upto jazmine and then jacky squatted to jazmines level and held out her hand jazmine looked at her and put her head in her hands and started to shake.

Jacky: justin we got to get her to the hospital just in case something's extremely wrong

Justin: okay

I picked her up and she started to scream in my ear which hurt like hell. We got outside and paparazzi were there and started to take pictures I pushed them out the way and got in the back I put jazmine head on my lap and tried to stop her from screaming by rubbing her hand.


Jacky: we need help we need help!!!!

A nurse looked at us and saw jazmine screaming and crying. She grabbed a stretcher and lay jazmine on there and a doctor took her to a room.

Nurse: what happened

Justin: I woke up and heard crying coming from the bathroom I went to the bathroom and saw her cutting herself and I tried to touch her but then she started to scream and called me Liam

Nurse: wait that's jazmine ark?

I nodded

Nurse: didn't Liam abuse her for 3 months

Justin: yeah

Nurse: was she acting like this last night

Justin: no

Nurse: okay can you please wait in the waiting room.

Me and jacky nodded

~~15 minutes later~~

Justin: mr.ark

He looked at me with relief

(Mr.Ark is jazmines dad just in case you didn't know)

Mr.ark: where is she is she okay

Justin: we don't know anything they just took her away

Mr.ark: how long has it been

Justin: 2 hours

Mr.ark: did you guys hear that Liam only got 7 months

Justin: at least he will be out the picture

Mr.ark: yeah true

Then a doctor came in the waiting room

Doctor: family of jazmine ark

We stood up and walked up to him.

Doctor: walk with me

We walked to jazmines room and I saw her sleeping. I wonder how they got her to relax and sleep

Doctor: we gave her a shot to put her to sleep

Like he read my mind or something I just nodded and waited for him to say more

Doctor: well jazmine has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety

Mr.ark: is this all because Liam

Doctor: well....

Jacky: jazmine has been diagnosed with depression since her mom passed away she's been taking pills

Mr.ark: why have you been keeping this a secret

Jacky: she didn't want it to get out

Justin: you guys can argue later but why was she screaming when I touched her

Doctor: she's still recovering from being abused by Liam.

Justin: oh

Doctor: I'll leave you 3 to talk

Mr.ark: now why didn't she tell anyone

Justin: yeah

Jacky: I know how to keep a secret but she stopped taking her pills when she moved in with Liam

Justin: why

Jacky: like I said she didn't want it to get out

I looked at jazmine and she was turning in her bed

Justin: shhh she's waking up

We walked over to her and she looked at us and smiled

Jaz: where am I

Justin: the hospital

Jaz: why

Justin: you were diagnosed with anxiety and depression

When I said depression she immediately looked at jacky

Jacky: I sorta had to tell them

She looked at her dad

Jaz: I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Mr.ark: it's fine I'm just happy you're okay

She nodded and then looked at me because I was staring at her wrist she covered her wrist with the white blanket.

Justin: I already saw them you were cutting this morning

Jaz: I know I remember I'm sorry I was giving you a hard time

Justin: you just got out of being abused you had a harder 3 months than any of us.

She nodded and then she looked in the direction of the doorway and it looked like she was about to cry. I turned around and I didn't expect to see him.


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