im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


51. @csimpson

Justin pov

I woke up with a body wrapped in my arms. I opened my eyes to see a girl with black hair and blonde highlights I was hoping it was jazmine but then I noticed it was selena when she turned to face me.

Selena: hey jay

Justin: hey

Selena: come on I'll make us breakfast

Justin: okay

I may not like her but she is making me food!!

We got downstairs and I saw jazmine and talia talking then they stopped when they saw selena and me walk in the kitchen. But then me and jazmines eyes met eachother and she quickly looked away.

Talia: so did you see what place your album got...

Jaz: um nope but my Arkers should know

Talia: go on Instagram!!

She got up looking for her phone. I looked around and saw it was behind. Me. I grabbed it

Justin: um jazmine

Jaz: yes... •looking annoyed that I said her name•

Justin: here

She looked at me and saw I had her phone

Jaz: thank you

Justin: no problem

Then she went on her Instagram

Jaz pov

My fan sent me some pictures commented and then I read a couple

•@jazark beat Justin's album!!!! #1album @justinbieber how do you like that oh who saw Ellen?!

Then I was tagged in a picture it was of me crying...they really had to do that my face was red and my eyes were too. Ignored the picture and then read the comment it had under it.

•@justinbieber you broke my babes heart!!! Really how rude a man wouldn't do that

I tapped on the person username and you will be surprised who it was...,,CODY SIMPSON!!!!i screen shot the comment and his home page. I made a collage then posted it on Instagram I wrote a comment "#fangirling right now @csimpson OMG Cody simspn just called me his BABE I JUST DIED!!! <3 #codysimpson" I posted it then I put my phone down.

Justin: so you beat me

Jaz: I guess my fans know how to get that money


Then I my phone lit up because I got a notification from instagram. Cody posted a video of me singing. He put a comment under it "@jazark I'm fanboying everyone!!!! Jaz just followed me and said she just died because I'm so hot!! #iminlove @jazark this is gonna end up everywhere oh and number

I commented back "AWWWW and I never said you were hot jk oh and I think it already is and I'll send it to you directly <3 @csimpson

I sent him my number and then I got a text from an unknown number it was probably Cody



Jaz: hey curlz

Cody: lol wanna hang


Cody: be there in 2 hours so you can get ready

Jaz: kk and casual

Cody: of course!' <3 meet you at Starbucks

Jaz:wait you're in Chicago

Cody:yup for a concert

Jaz:kk bye curlz

Cody: bye beautiful <3

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