im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


54. cheesiness

We finally got home and Cody was happy

Jaz: what's up you look happy

Cody: I have to tell you something

Jaz:me too

Cody:you first

Jaz: okay um I don't know how to put this....basically we rushed into things

Cody: yeah friends

Jaz:friends....wait we're we even really dating

Cody: I asked you

Jaz: but we only went on 1 date we were basically friends right...

Cody: yeah did you know everyone thinks it's fake

Jaz: that's a good thing

Cody: well I got to go bye

Jaz: bye

Justin: you dumped him

Jaz: yup

Justin: why

Jaz: I found someone better

Justin: I have to compete with him too

Jaz: no retard and what's up with you and selena

Justin: it's over I called scooter told him I can't handle her

Jaz: wow I don't think anyone can especially your beliebers

Justin: some of them are so mean but funny

Jaz: yeah

Justin: whose that boy you found

Jaz: well we went school together and he walked up to and called me Jaz and has been through a lot with me

Justin: is he extremely hot

Jaz: oh yes....sizzlin

Justin: I know I am •laughing•

Jaz: sizzlin like bacon

Justin: and your as sexy well as you you are just perfect!!!!

Jaz: I missed your cheesiness

(It's just a filler well sort of)

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