im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


83. cheeseball

Selena: hello my lovely fans my friend has a wonderful surprise for you come on out jazmine!!!

I walked out smiling and excited but mainly nervous

Jaz: hey everyone

Crowd: hi!!

Jaz: who knows my lovely husband justin bieber

The crowd erupted with screams

Jaz: what if theres a baby in my belly would you be happy or mad?

Crowd: happy!!!!

Jaz: well theres a little bieber on the way!!!

The crowd went wild makin me smile and selena hugged me. Im going to be a mom!!!!! We walked off stage and i saw pattie. Which really confused then i felt arms wrap around my waist...that explains it

Jaz: hi mr.bieber

Justin: hi mrs.bieber

Jaz: i didnt know you were coming

Justin: i couldnt wait to see you

Jaz: awe youre a cheeseball

Justin: but you like cheese and balls

Jaz: justin!!

He chuckled and then pattie walked over

Pattie: Hi jazmine

Jaz: hi pattie

Pattie: i cant believe im going to be grandma

Jaz: i cant believe im going to be the baby of an amazing man

Justin kissed my cheek and put his chin on my shoulder.

Pattie: you guys are adorable

Justin: well thank you mother

Pattie: well i got to get back home...dancing moms is on

I hugged pattie and said goodbye


Justin: so do you want Chinese or pizza

Jaz: hmmm both

Justin: and thats why i love you

Jaz: do you want to watch jackass or batman


Jaz: i love you bubbles bieber

Justin: i remember that interview

He sat on the couch and kissed my cheek. Then the doorbell rang. He got up and walked to the door.


Justin: no its just selena and grace

They walked in and sat down on the floor

Jaz: how can i help you

Selena: you are....we're sitting here waiting for food

Jaz: booo why are you here

Justin: baby they can stay its okay

Jaz: but i wanted to cuddle

Grace: you still can we wont bother you

Jaz: fine

Selena: even if you didnt want us here we weren't leaving

Jaz: typical selena

The door bell rang again and justin ran to the door and then brung back the food

Jaz: they delivered at the same time

Justin: no i was already eating the pizza when you were fussing with grace and selena

I jumped up and sprinted to the kitchen

Jaz: how dare you not tell me

I grabbed 3 plates and put a slice on each one and went back to the living room

Selena: i think youre gonna be a great mom

Justin: me too...oh and what type of dog do you want

Jaz: youre actually gonna buy a dog

Justin: yes i am

GrAce: awe justin i want a dog

Justin: to bad

Grace: ouch

I laughed and started eating my pizza i felt eyes on me and i turned to justin

Jaz: take a picture it last longer

Justin smirked and nodded

Justin: okay

He pulled out his phone and took a picture

Jaz: i was just kidding

He shrugged and continued typing on his phone. My phone vibrated when he put his away . I logged onto twitter and saw the picture he took my eyes were closed and i was biting my pizza and his caption said "my lovely wife"

Jaz: justin....i look terrible

Justin: you look sexy to me

I rolled my eyes and cuddled into justin. Then i heard cameras go off

Jaz: why is everyone taking pictures of me today

Selena: because you are interesting

Jaz: weirdo

Then my phone buzzed again and the notifications were from Selena and grace i shook my head and tweeted "since when have i been interesting @selenagomez @itsgracie @justinbieber" then justin quickly tweeted back "@jazmineA since i laid eyes on you"

Jaz:awwww cheeseball

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