im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


70. bad asses

justin: JAZ JAZ JAZ!!!!!!!!!!! 

i groaned and put a pillow over my head 

justin: if you dont get up i will tickle you

jaz: you wouldnt dare

justin: i wouldnt 

jaz: youre right you would what do you want

justin: we're on tv

jaz: about yesterday 

justin: yup

jaz: figured...turn it on

justin: what channel is E!

jaz: uh 114

he changed the channel and jumped on my bed and got under the covers. i looked at him and then he looked at me

justin: what it's cold

jaz: whatever the shows on


host: okay so we spotted justin and the one and only jazmine ark hanging out at the outside mall yesterday.

host2: do you think jazmine is cheating on liam

host: no she knows how  it feels to be cheated on

host2: but anyway im guessing they started to hang out at her party Saturday she just turned 19!!


host: but go to our website and comment if you think jazmine is cheating on liam or if you think the two will get back together



justin: are you worried

jaz; nope if he believes me then he believes me if he doesnt then he doesnt

justin: you think weird 

jaz: ha how 

justin; when he well if he doesnt believe you you'll start crying

jaz:shut up 

justin: just saying 

jaz: thanks for telling me it was on 

justin: no problem 

i got out of bed and went to the kitchen. i grabbed a bowl spoon milk and a box full of fruity pebbles. after making my cereal i heard singing coming from justins room the door was opened so i walked in he was face away from me so he didnt notice. i saw he hd alot of the same lyrics on different sheets of paper. i picked up a sheet and saw this was a duet because he labeled girl boy on it. he was just started to sing the boy part so i was juust gonna join in. 

justin:see i cant wake up im living a night mare that  keeps playing over again locked in a room so hung up on you and youre just cool with being friends left on the side lines stuck at the red light waiting for my time and i cant see 

both: why dont you love me touch me tell me im your everything the air you breathe and why dont you love me baby open up your heart tonight  cause i could be all that you need 

justin: ohh why dont you love me why dont you love me 

jaz: see im just too scared to tell you the truth cause my heart ache cant take anymore broken and bruised longing for you and i know what im waiting for left on the sidelines stuck at a red light waiting for my time so just tell me 

both: why dont you love me....


he turned around and just looked  at me 

justin: i didnt know you were in here

jaz: i heard you singing

justin: do you like it

jaz: i love it

justin: why dont you love me

jaz: like you said....broken bruised and scared

justin: would you ever love me again

jaz: justin....

justin: can you please answer my question

jaz: yes

justin: i wish i had the key to your heart

jaz: justin....

justin: i know you love liam i get it its okay

jaz: im sorry

justin: we had our happy memories 

jaz: yeah we did

he turned back around and started humming i walked over to him and hugged him and kissed his cheek.

jaz: besties *holding my pinky out*

he looked at me and smiled 

justin: besties *wrapping his pinky around mine*

i walked out of his room and went to eat my cereal which was probably soggy by now. 

******************2 hours later**************************

selena: liam said to face time him

jaz: ugh now

selena: yup

i grabbed my mac book and face timed liam. he clicked accept and it was connecting. after it connected i saw his adorable face

jaz: hey

liam: hey are you by yourself

jaz: no i'll go to my room

liam: okay

i got to my room and locked the door

jaz: okay now i am

liam: what the hell are you thinking!

jaz: excuse me

liam: you and justin hanging out laughing

jaz: ugh really... so you think im  cheating on you

liam: i never said that

jaz: but you were thinking it

liam: so what if i was 

jaz: then your stupid

liam: how is thinking that stupid

jaz: believing gossip like that is stupid

liam: not its not seeing your own girlfriend hanging out with her ex and expecting you not to get mad is stupid you probably are cheating on me with him, did you have sex with him at your party

jaz: you did not just go there 

liam: yes i did matter of fact i dont want you talking to him or hanging out with him 

jaz: oh so now your my dad?!

liam: no i just dont you to cause anymore drama 

jaz: me causing drama youre the one that didnt nicely ask me is the rumors true nope you had to yell

liam: youre the one that wanted to hang with your ex in public

jaz: i can hang out with anyone i want to

liam: no you cant because i forbid you from hanging out with justin

jaz: i didnt know i had two dads ugh youre such a dickhead bye

i shut my laptop and walked out of my room. i went to justins room to see if he wanted to go get some pizza with me. yup imma be a bad ass and not listen to liam.

jaz: justy do you want to come get pizza with me

justin; i thought liam said we couldnt hang out 

jaz: he said that but wait hold up how did you know

justin: well i wanted to see what he was saying about me so i was spying...

jaz: i dont blame you but imma be a bad ass today so you in

justin: LETS BE BAD ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaz: fine by me 


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