im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.



"jazmine jazmine is the baby really justins, jazmine what did the doctor say, is it a boy or a girl?" Me and justin currently got back from our doctors appointment, basically telling us the baby well babies...yeah twins!!! Im going to be huge!!!! Justin's excited and I'm talking about going to the mall and buying 50 billions outfits for the babies and trying to build the baby cribs. Yup trying i had to help him. I was looking down when someone push me and trust me it wasn't Justin because he's been very gentle. I looked up and saw a pap trying to get in front of us. Half of a second later justin was pulling me closer to him and putting the middle finger up in the air and yelling.

Jaz: justin

He looked down at me and noticed me pointing at my stomach

Justin: sorry babies

We finally reached the van and got in


Justin pov

Jaz's baby bump us showing its just so adorable.

Justin: baby

She didn't reply i walked over to the couch and saw jaz sleeping with her hand on her stomach. I smiled and knelt down and lifted her shirt to show her tummy.

Justin: hi little biebers....its daddy i want you to know i love you and i cant wait to see you

I kissed her tummy and looked at her precious face, i kissed her forehead, nose, and then her lips. But she kissed back. She giggled and i chuckled

Justin: you were up

Jaz: i woke up when you started talking to the babies

Justin: oh

Then jazmine moved her hand around her stomach

Justin: what

Jaz: the babies are kicking

She grabbed my hand and put it on her stomach. I felt their little feet kicking it was just amazing. Then of course something had to ruin the moment my phone was ringing

Jaz: you gonna get that

Justin: no it can wait

Jaz: get the phone

Justin: no i want treasure this moment

I looked at her and she had that look on her face - get the fucking phone or you will be sleeping on this couch until these babies are born- i groaned

Justin: fine

She smiled

Jaz: love you

Justin: love you too

Phone call

Mom: hey justin

Justin: hey mom

Mom: hows jazmine

Justin: shes great the babies are kicking but sometimes she can be mean

(Jazmine: I HEARD THAT!!!

Justin: i love you

Jazmine: yeah yeah )

Justin: see

Pattie: don't worry its just hormones...they go away once the babies are out of her

Justin: good so how are you

Pattie: good but i called to tell you jazzy and jaxon are going to need a baby sitter

Justin: i thought they were in canada

Pattie: no they came to visit you and jazmine

Justin: uhh i gotta ask jazmine

Pattie: okay

(Justin: jaz can jazzy and jaxon come over

Jazmine: sure)

Justin: she said yeah

Pattie: great okay theyre coming over tomorrow

Justin: okay love you

Pattie: love you too




Jaz: no I'm jazzy's

Justin's and jaxon's lips formed into an O shape.

Jazzy: yeah I'm jazmines!

I smiled and picked up jazzy

Jazzy: jazmine why your tummy big?

Jaz: because ummm

I panicked

Justin: because um jazmine ate too much cookies

Jazzy: hehe you tummy like santa clause

I giggled and kissed jazzy's cheek


After wobbling around running after Jazzy and jaxon they finally went to sleep.

Jaz: do we have icecream

He turned to the fridge and opened the freezer.

Justin: yes mrs.bieber

He grabbed two spoons and opened the container of cotton candy ice cream

Jaz: mr.Bieber why do you have two spoons

Justin: because we are sharing

Jaz: we could just use one

He smiled and put the spoon away and opened the container i opened my legs so he could stand between them. While eating the ice cream i felt the babies kick i grabbed the spoon out his hand and moved his hand around my stomach

Jaz: they like the ice cream

After spending 45 minutes talking about the names and how our lives going to be we went to sleep in each others arms

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