Little Black Dress

Dani is a 20 year old girl, going on 21. On her birthday, she gets a surprise she never thought she'd get. Three VIP passes and tickets to One Direction's concert in Holmes Chapel, UK, where her and her friends live. Will this big night turn out a disaster, or will it lead to something wonderful? Join Dani in her adventure with her friends and One Direction.


6. Surprise!



I wake up to the sound of people in my room with gifts and cake. i see my family sitting in front of me. i take a gift out of moms hands and started to open it. it was a medium sized box, but it was a little heavy. as i finish, i realize its a Chromebook and i flip because ive always wanted one. I open the next one and it was from Rose. I was surprised to see that it was one of my top 3 gifts, Our Moment, the boy's debut Fragrence. 

Now onto the next gift. The box was quite big but i didnt mind because it was probably something i wanted, but didnt put on my list because i didnt put anything on my list that was big. I finish opening it and right in front of me is a black guitar. i was taking lessons at my highschool, when i was at the age, for the basic steps, like playing C chords, that stuff. So i take my next gift

i unwrap the gift to see a box from jcpenny and one direction merchandise inside of it. i throw one shirt over my tanktop. I open another box from jcpenny that had posters in them.

then my dad hands me a card, and i open it and see a 50dollar giftcard to our favorite bar/restraunt. dad smiled then said, "come and get me whenever you want to go....'' after he said that i gigled and said,'' ok, i will, only if i can have some beer?'' he laughed back at me. 

now down to the final gift. i open it and Rose kind of gives it away to me what it was because of her great big smile. i keep on opening it until i get to the box. i opened that box to see another box inside. then inside that box there was an envelope that stated that i would be going to a One Direction Concert on friday July 13, 2014 and today its July 10, 2014. So i scream. i mean who wouldnt scream after they got tickets to see one of their favorite ands in concert?

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