Little Black Dress

Dani is a 20 year old girl, going on 21. On her birthday, she gets a surprise she never thought she'd get. Three VIP passes and tickets to One Direction's concert in Holmes Chapel, UK, where her and her friends live. Will this big night turn out a disaster, or will it lead to something wonderful? Join Dani in her adventure with her friends and One Direction.


1. About me

Hi. I'm Dani and I'm 20. Oh, almost 21! I have this weird obsession with one direction. I have all of their albums on my phone, and I know EVERYTHING there is to know about them. Now here's some stuff on how I look. I have brown long wavy hair and love mah graphic tees! I wear shorts all the time in my house, but wear long skirts or jeans outside. I have blue eyes and long eyelashes. I'm tall, skinny, and I play sports like soccer, basketball, and softball. My friends are Emily and Allie. That's just a little bit about me. 

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