Luck or Love?

Crystal and her best friend Karlie got tickets to go to one directions meet and greet and their concert. While they are there many special things happen was it luck or love? Hope you enjoy!


2. meet and greet

Time went by as we shopped. I checked the time and it was all ready 1:00pm. We decided that we would drive up to the downtown plaza building where the meet an greet was being held. No one was there yet so we waited in the parking lot and then we saw a black limo drive up across the parking lot. Karlie screamed and so did I.Then we watched as the five British boys got out of the limo one by one. I looked at karlie and smirked and immediately we both jumped out of the car and started to walk toward the door to wait in line. "I hope they see us!" Said karlie. "I can't stop shaking!!" I said. Karlie laughed. We got in front of the line and watched the boys sit down and goof around in front of the glass window. "They haven't noticed us yet crystal!" Said karlie. "I know be patience" I said.

Harry looked over outside the window and smiled at us then looked at the boys and pointed to us. They all looked shocked and we could hear them saying "wow!" We laughed and then blushed. Zayn motioned for us to come inside and karlie stood there for a minute until I had to push her inside. "Oh sorry I wasn't sure if this was real life or not!" Said karlie. All the boys laughed. "What might be your name love?" Harry asked me "crystal" I said "lovely!" Said Harry "thanks" I blushed "so where is everyone?" I asked. "I knew this would happen Niall didn't change the website I'm assuming everyone is at downtown central." Said Liam "that's alright we can stay here with these beautiful ladies" said Niall "yes I agree with Niall" said Harry as he winked at me. I blushed.

An hour passed and still no one showed up at downtown plaza. "Would you ladies like to come back to our flat for a while?" Asked Liam looking directly at karlie. She looked at me and said " we don't have anything else to do right crystal?" She said " yea we can hangout for a little bit." I said

We followed the limo back to their flat. We went inside and sat down on the couch. Harry and I talked for a while and exchanged numbers as well as Liam and karlie did. "Well we have to go and get ready for your concert!" I said. "Your coming tonight?! What row are you on" asked Harry. I pulled the tickets out of my purse and showed him we were on the 18th row 2nd deck. He took them and said "be right back" he came back In the room and ripped our tickets "Harry! Why did you do that?" I asked confused "here take these" he said and handed me two front row tickets "Harry thank you so much!" I said. he winked at me and said "see you tonight!"

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