His Slave

It's High school. It's were hate rises. But being a Freshman and sophomore Is the worst thing possible because Freshman and sophomore girls get to be slaves for the guys and do anything they want. I mean anything. It's not fair at all exposing girls like this but what you gonna do?


14. Im so confused

*Ashely's p.o.v.*

When Niall turned around when Zayn pecked my lips really hurt. He is my best friend in this hell hole. Yes I like him but I love Zayn. Maybe I love Niall and don't even know it. I just don't know if I love Niall the way I love Zayn. Im just really confused at the moment about my feelings. Soon Harry came down and said good morning to all of us. "Morning Harry" We all said. I continued eating my food when Harry looked at me. "Wow Ashely your eating a lot are you ok?!" Harry asked me. I just looked at him well more glared and he knows damn well why I'm like this. "I', just craving a lot today Harry you should know" I said through my teeth. Sometimes I just want to slap him all the time its ridiculous. He smirked then nodded. I finished my food, put my plate away then went back upstairs. I have a lot of thinking to do.

*Zayn's p.o.v.*

When Harry asked why she was eating so much I was kinda wondering the same thing. She said something about Harry is supposed to no why she's eating so much. Something fishy is going on between them and I want to know what it is. I was tooken away from my Train a thought when I got a Text. It was from Luke. I rolled my eyes and opened it.

From Luke: Malik I need you to deliver some drugs to people. 

I sighed and got my things. I grabbed my keys and was about to leave when Ashley called me.

"Where you going?" She asked with suspiciousness in her voice. 

"Somewhere" I mumbled rolling my eyes. She was so curious.

"But Zayn you have a broken arm and bruises. You have to stay and take some rest" She said

"Look Ash I'd love too but I can't" I said

"Why not?" She asked sadly 

I didn't answer and she just nodded for me to go. I felt pretty bad but she can't get involved in what I'm doing now. It's to dangerous. I didn't notice Niall. Has he been here the whole time? I didn't care I was leaving.

Ashley's POV

Zayn just left. He just left. Well fuck him! I want to put an end to this. I turned around and faced Niall. My eyes were watery, butI didn't let a tear fall. I grabbed my sweater.

"Where you going?"Niall sighed

"I'm going to follow him" I stated

"Look Ash I don't think that's a good idea" Niall said

"I don't care he didn't tell me the easy way. So I'm going to find out" I said leaving. Niall started following me."Ashley Wait" He said

"What Niall?" I asked

"Well I know I can't stop you so I'm going with you" he said

"Niall you don't have too" I said

"I know but I don't but I want you to go alone. Something could happen to you and I don't want anything to happen to you. So Ash I'm going with you" He stated

i couldn't argue because I'd just be wasting time so I nodded. Niall grabbed his car keys and we were off. We found Zayn berly leaving and we followed.

~Skipping Car Ride~

As we stopped the car we saw Zayn heading to this weird building. It looked pretty big. What was he doing here? I saw him head in and me and Niall go out carefully not to be seen. We spied on what was going on. All I saw was Zayn nodd and take a bag and money as well. What was he up to? I tried seeing what was in the bag, but I couldn't at all. He turned around and was headed to his car. Immediately Niall and I went back to his car. We saw Zayn go out if the drive way and go somewhere. He was heading to a couple houses and then I saw what was in the bag they gave him. It was Drugs. Zayn was a Drug dealer. Niall had my same expression.

Zayn's Pov

Luke gave me the drugs and I was off for delivery. He also gave me my cut of the money. I don't know why but in the whole trip here I felt followed. I tried shrugging it off. Many people asked me why I had a broken arm I just said it was an accident. I didn't need to tell them what Luke did cause them I'd be in more trouble. I finally finished my last delivery. They were already paid so I headed home. It was a long day. I sighed. I was pretty tired if this. I went inside my room and I could tell Ashley was waiting for me along with Niall. What did I do.

"What happened?"I asked

"Zayn give it up we know where you were. We followed you."Niall said

"Wait What?!? Who the hell do you think you guys are for following me" I spat

"Well we did Zayn and you're a-a-a" Ashley said but then stopped

"Say it"I whispered. She stayed silent. "Say It!" I said louder this time

"Drug Dealer" She said like you could berly here.

" Why did you hide this?"Niall asked 

I was about to answer when Harry entered the room.


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