His Slave

It's High school. It's were hate rises. But being a Freshman and sophomore Is the worst thing possible because Freshman and sophomore girls get to be slaves for the guys and do anything they want. I mean anything. It's not fair at all exposing girls like this but what you gonna do?


22. Going back?


Sorry if it sucks, but I really wanted to update on this one!!! Love you Lovies xx

Ashley's POV

I let go of Zayn's Kiss.

"I can't Zayn Please leave me alone" I said

"N-n-no please Ashley it's hell without you I Love You Ashley! Please don't do this to me" He said

"This IS TOO MUCH! Okay Zayn. I Love you, but it's not as easy to just pretend nothing's wrong.I'm done with all the bad things in my life. Just leave me" I yelled

"I Can't just leave you! I FUCKING LOVE YOU" He yelled back

"Just give me some SPACE" I said

"Babe I'm sorry" He said coming closer to hug me

"FUCK OFF" I Yelled

"Ashley Don't make this harder than it is" He replied

"I'm not you are" I said

"Fine then I'll guess I'll go" He replied in a horase whisper I berly managed to hear

"I will always love you" I mumbled

I guess he heard because he spun around

"Then don't do this. I promise we won't fight anymore. I'll change" He pleaded

"You can say that, but you don't mean it and I don't want you to change. I fell for you for exactly the way you are a stupid, mean, control freak, and beautifull guy. I like you for you" I said

"Please come back. The lads and I miss you" He said

"I don't know............but seems like I don't have a choice" I mumbled knowing he wasn't going to leave me alone till I agreed. I grabbed my stuff and hugged the boys tightly thanking them for letting me stay. I hugged Keaton really tight thanking him for everything he did for me. Before I left I promised them we'd keep in touch. I got inside Zayn's Car. I know nothing will ever be the same. He promised me a lot of thing I knew he would easily break, but reality is I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but in his arms. When we arrived Zayn took me upstairs to his room and we layed their asleep. Zayn held me really tight in his arms, I knew I was such a dumbass, but I didn't care. I snuggled into Zayn's chest and layed their asleep in his arms.

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