His Slave

It's High school. It's were hate rises. But being a Freshman and sophomore Is the worst thing possible because Freshman and sophomore girls get to be slaves for the guys and do anything they want. I mean anything. It's not fair at all exposing girls like this but what you gonna do?


17. Cuts

Ashley's POV

I felt the pain of the cuts bleeding, but I didn't care my life was pathetic enough. I watched the bloode ooze down. Tears felt from my eyes, but it wasn't anything compared to how I felt. I turned on the hot water and put my cuts insisde until the bloode stopped. I looked at myself in the mirror and was disgusted on my reflection. I'm a moster I hurt the two people I care most about! How could I live with myself. After this fucken slave thing is over where am I gonna go? My mom would definetly kick me out the house. I'd be all alone. Fuck my life. Was there ever I point when I was happy? I thought real hard. No happy moments. Wow Pathetic I thought. Ashley you're pathetic. I got out the bathroom and headed into Zayn's room. He looked happier than before I saw him. He wasn't "Ohh My God" kind of happy. He was ehhh kind of happy. Well at least thats what I'm thinking. He looked at me and forced a smile.

"Me and the lads are going to have some fun. Want to join babe?" he asked more as a statement tham question. At this point I knew arguing wouldn't help so I just agreed. He told me to get ready because we were leaving at 7.

I nodded and went inside the bathroom and took a shower. My cuts burned as the water touched my skin where I had cut myself. About 15 minutes later I was out. I grabbed my towel and looked for some clothes to wear. I looked bewildered because there wasn't any clothes good enough. Zayn came in the room and saw me staring at my closet. He let out a chuckle.

"Nothing to wear babe?" he said coming over grabbing me on the waist and gently laying a kiss on my check.

"Yup" I said 

He laughed again. I glared at him.

"Hey not funny" I joked

"Okay Okay. Well why don't you ask one of the guys's slave if they have anything to wear?" he suggeseted

"What if they don't have good taste?" I asked

He laughed a bit. "Ask Louis's slave. He's very picky and trust me he wouldn't pick a girl with no 'good taste' So why don't you ask her? I think Eleanor is her name" he suggested 

I was about to walk into Loui's room when Zayn pulled me back. He took off his shirt and I couldn't help, but stare at his perfect body. He chuckled. He took my towel and put his shirt over me.

"I think you need this" he said

I smiled completely embarrassed that I was about to walk out in only a towel. Zayn's shirt fit big on me so it covered my well you know. I walked into Louis's room. He was watching the telly when I walked in. He smiled when he saw me.

"Hey beautiful! What brings you here?" He asked 

The nervous cluts I was. I began stuttering but I manged to say."I need something to wear and I was wondering if Eleanor had something"

Eleanor looked up at me and I didn't notice she was there. She smiled and led me to the closet she kept her clothes in. Zayn did not lie. This girl has class. She smiled at me as I stared at her beautiful clothes.

"Like anything you see?" she asked

"Yeah" I said. Pointing to a black strapless dress that was short from the top, but long from the bottom. She smiled

"Yeah I was thinking that would look amazing on you!" she said cheerfully. I smiled. I liked this girl. She's really nice. How come I haven't talked to her before? 

After about half an hour I was almost done. I just needed to apply some make up on. I put on some dark red lipstick.. I had some mascarra and eyeliner. When I became satisfied I finished. I grabbed some black heals and was out of the room with the lads waiting on me. I felt a bit insecure since the lads decided they weren't going to take their slaves just Louis and Zayn brought their slaves. At least I had a buddy. Eleanor smiled at me with the rest of the boys as I walked down. When we went to the car. Zayn smiled at me funny.

"What?" I asked him

"Well here" he said handing me a phone. I smiled. I hugged him tightly

"Thank you Zayn Thank you" I said happily

He just smiled and we were off. It was a bit uncomfortable because I was between Niall and Zayn. I haven't talked to Niall since we kissed. I could feel his eyes staring at me, but I didn't want to look at him. It was awkward. We arrivied at the club and the lads started cheering once we got out. I smiled seeing them happy was pretty cool. We walked into the club and Niall Harry and Zayn plooped their arses on the bar inside the club. While Louis grabbed Eleanor and they were dancing. Liam caught the attention of a blonde and then they started dancing. After a while Eleanor invited me to sit with her and Loui. I didn't see Zayn at the bar neither Niall nor Harry. Where the hell did they go? I ignored the thing at the pit of my stomach knowing they're doing something bad. Since they started drinking since we got here. It's already 10. Eleanor and I talked for a while. After we decided to dance a bit. I then saw the blonde aka Niall Horan. I was walking past him when I saw his lips crashed into a brunnete. I looked in disbelief. I wanted to leave and Find Zayn, but to my surprise he was also kissing someone a dirty fucking blonde!!! How could they. I looked over to find Harry grinding on a girl. Wow! FUCKING ASSHOLES! Eleanor noticed me tearing up and asked me if I was okay. I nodded and told her I wanted to be alone. I flopped myself on the bar and started drinking. I saw this lad come up to me.

"What's a pretty girl like you sitting here all alone?" he asked I could tell he wasn't from here. He seemed t have an American accent. Which I gotta admit are hot!

"Well I'm Keaton" he said 

"Ashley" I replied 

He seemed familliar. Then I noticed who he was. He was one of the guys from Emblem3.

"Want to dance?" he asked

I guess I was pretty drunk to argue. We started dancing/grinding, but it was kinda funny because we both didn't know how to dance this song well, Espacially me. We started laughing at how horrible we were. When the song was over. He looked at me and smiled.

"I had fun. We should hang while I'm still here" He said

I nodded. He handed me his Number and I took it. As soon as he left. Harry came up to me asking me a bunch of questions. 

What are you doing? Who is he? Why were you dancing with him?

All the usual shit.

"Shut up Harryy. You're not my dad! We were just dancing because I was alone and bored. Anyways did you have fun with that whore? Did Zayn and Niall have with their whores as well?" I asked

He stayed silent.



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