This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


12. Tour

Justin's prov

"Wake up Selena, Justin Scooter is here" My mom woke us up. After we did what we had to do we gotten dressed. I wore black chachi mamas, white v-neck, black/white Supras, and my gold chain, Selena wore a pink skin tight dress which was short, pink pumps, and silver hoops. "you guys are awake finally come on come down we have a lot to talk about" Scooter said. 

Justin: yea were awake now get to the point

Scooter: I feel the love Justin

Justin: Come on talk 

Scooter: the Believe tour is on and were leaving tomorrow, but Rose will be an open act and after the opening act she will dance with you to some songs.

Rose:What i never agreed

Scooter: Well come on Rose you got talent show it please i beg you

Selena: I thought i was opening

Scooter: You are

Justin:Wait will Rose play lead role in some of the songs

Scooter: yes

Rose: you guys i never even agreed and there you are making plan

Scooter:Come on Rose please

Rose:What about my mom, school, um my friends

Justin: nobody cares for you at school, and you don't have friends

Scooter: Justin stop, Rose we talked to your mom she's fine with it, you'll have a tutor, and you can bring a friend

rose: okay, but don't worry about the friend part Justin's right (She said in a whisper)

Ariana: Rose what am i chopped liver i'm your friend

Rose: yea but your already coming on tour

Ariana: Oh come on Rose

Justin: Why don't we go to mcdonalds i'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Scooter: great idea let's go


Skip car ride

Scooter: You guys go find a place to sit i'll order for us\

Justin: Quickly i'm hungry

After we found the seat

Scooter: Big mac, fries, and coke for Selena, chicken sandwich for Ariana, two big macs, large fries, and coke for me and Justin, and a parfait (yougurt) for Rose.

Ariana: Rose why are you always wearing big clothes

Selena: Cause she's fat

Scooter: Selena

Justin: Why you not eating

Rose: I'm not hungry

Scooter: Well Rose you can't go out on stage wearing a hoodie

Rose: But i'm not really sure about wearing different types of clothes

Ariana: What do you have to lose i bet you, you'll look beautiful and you already look beautiful

Rose: I don't know

Justin: You guys i think we have to go so we can pack so we can head out tomorrow

Scooter: let's go


Rose's prov

I have been laying in my bed, my speakers on blasting music, i still had to pack my guitar, and my notebook, and my recorder but i can;'t find my notebook, and recorder. 


Justin's prov

As i was just finishing packing i found Rose's notebook, and recorder when i took it from her room. I decided to listen to her singing the songs she wrote and go through her notebook. Oh my lord she has a god given talent. Rose had just went into the bathroom, i ran into her room and put her things back and ran back to my room as soon as she left the bathroom. SCORE FOR JUSTIN! I finshed packing and went down for dinner. 


Rose's prov

I finished packing and found my notebook and recorder. I decided to go downstairs for dinner, and was greeted by Pattie, and Scooter Justin and Selena were too bitchy to greet. 

Pattie: So i hear the tour's starting tomorrow.

Justin: yup can't wait, me and Selena are sharing a room

Scooter: Bout that no Rose will share with you, Selena will get her room in a different bus

Rose and Justin: WHAT
Pattie: we knew you guys would be excited

Selena: But i thought you said me and Justin would share Scooter

Scooter: Changes had to be made

Justin: I can't share a room with that she'll take half the room by her fat

Selena: Yeah who knows she can give Justin STD's just by walking around him

Rose: If you excuse me I'm tired

Scooter: That's enough you two 

Pattie: Go to bed we have a big tomorrow


Rose's prov

 I ran into the bathroom and took out the razor from the shaving blade and let it slide across my skin a couple of times. I was crying hard, words really hurt, I lifted my t-shirt to see my ribs showing a little but they're right i'm too fat and ugly. I cleaned up pulled my sleeve down and ran back to my room where Selena was waiting for me. She beat the hell out of me called my the worst names and just hurt me really bad. I was too weak but managed to get get up and go to bed.


Sorry for not writing but i was at a sleepover with my cousins and couldn't but i'm back and i'll try to write everyday cause they're having a sleepover here! Bye!

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