This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


9. The truth


guys don't if you ask me why Rose doesn't have her cast just read it

Rose's Prov

As i slowly woke up i noticed my cast was gone cause the doctors did the wrong exam it turned out i just popped my bone. I slowly got up did my things and decided to wear leggings, red hoodie that says LOL on it, i had my beats around my neck plugged in my phone, red/black/white supras, and of course my black thick nerd glasses with red bows at the end. I didn't forget my white beanie. I got out of my room today feeling really depressed. Today was the day my dad had died 8 years ago. As i walked down stairs sitting down at the table "Hi honey" pattie greeted. "Hi" I mumbled. yes don't even ask me i'm still shy around them and summer still didn't end it's not even July yet summer barely started. Pattie put out a bowl of cereal in fornt of me and put a bowl next to me then Justin came down. "Morning mo- CAPTAIN CRUNCH!!!!!!" he shouted. As he ran taking the whole cereal box with him as he sat with his already made cereal bowl. I remembered my dad again as a few drops slid down my cheek i quickly wiped them away. I stared at my cereal bowl "Mom why does Rose never eat." Justin asked. After that everything went black.


Justin's prov 

"OH MY LORD JUSTIN CALL 9-1-1 GOSH ROSE HONEY WAKE UP" pattie shouted. As i slowly walked over to the phoned slowly dialed 9-1-1 "Hello we need an ambulance this girl fainted" I said. "The ambulance is on the way" the operator spoke. "JUSTIN HER NAME IS ROSE NOW PICK HER UP THE AMBULANCE IS HERE" I picked her up bridal style and and made my way over to the door letting her head hit the wall before i went out. 


Skip the car ride. 


Rose's prov

I was in the hospital with the doctors around me. "Thank god your awake guys call them in" the doctor exclaimed. Pattie came in then Justin but he actually had his lips and tounge in Selena's mouth that's right Ashley and Justin broke up. Justin bumped into a few things but Selena and Justin still had not broken their make out session. "Mr.Bieber this is a club not your bedroom now will you please stop your act or leave this hospital" the doctor exclaimed. Justin stooped. "Now Rose will you please put this on so we can check how much weight you have on" The doctor spoke. "Wait why doc" Pattie spoke. "Well Rose here has Anorexia her body shut this morning and we need her to change out of the thick hoodie cause we need to see her damage and we need you to take off all make up." The doctor spoke. Pattie stood there shockless while Justin and selena kept laughing kissing and staring at each other. As i came out wearing no make up no cover up all my bruises exposed, i was wearing shorts and a crop top. "OH MY LORD" Pattie exclaimed. Justin stood up with his mouth hanging open and Selena giving me death glares. "Who gave you all these bruises and why do you have so many cuts on your arm young lady and why are you doing this to your body" Pattie exclaimed. "I hid my arms mostly my wrist behind my back and just looked down letting tear drops just dropping on the floor. "Your underweight my dear we have to pump blood and food into your body" the doctor spoke. "No please leave me alone nobody cares so stop trying to act like you do, let me die" I exclaimed. After saying that i dropped to my knees, broke out crying and covered my face with my hands. "Rose you need help please we all love you and nobody here will ever help you if it makes you feel better you can go home but we will have weekly weigh ins and pattie will tell me if you're eating." the doctor said. I looked up agreed changed into my clothes and we all left to the car just not knowing what to say. 


Justin's prov

After what i saw i knew i couldn't sleep so me and selena decided to have a sleepover in my room. Selena was the most beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, feisty, sexy girlfriend i love her to death. Me and her were going heavy that night.


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