This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


13. the bus

Rose's prov

ugh why, today i'm moving in with Justin man i feel like shit today. I jumped out of bed and got into my bathroom and looked into the mirror im worthless, ugly, fat, ect. i took off my clothes and took a shower. After my shower i was in my bathrobe looking into my closet i grabbed, a sky blue hoodie that said " Music is my life", my black leggings, blue/black/white Supras, black nerd glasses, and my blue beats around my neck. I ran downstairs with all my luggage and saw everyone in the livingroom, man everybody is like here i can't believe i'll be with these people. "Morning um well were all heading to the bus so we can get packed" Pattie exclaimed.

Skip packing and everything their heading out to Florida for their first concert

I was sitting on the couch listening to music when the crew came and sat on the couches with me just talking. "So you guys ready" Alfredo exclaimed. "I can't believe i'm here today" Justin replied. "I just can't believe we found all these talented people cough - Rose- cough" Scooter exclaimed. " Rose today we are not going to let you wear that on stage you're going to have to get used to not wearing hoodies all the time, not that you don't look bad in it you actually work it" Ariana said. " i don't know i just don't like to show" I said quietly. " Were also going to have to make yu project yur voice and do you really need to wear those glasses" Carly asked. " I mean i don't need to wear them i prefer to wear them" I said quietly. " no she already looks horrifying why change her to look uglier" Selena spat. "Selena Rose is beautiful" Pattie exclaimed. " Sure she is" Justin murmured. "I heard that" I murmured. " I wanted you to hear" He whipered in my ear. After what felt like hours we were here. "Okay guys head out to your dressing room we don't have time people come on" Scooter shouted. I dragged myself to my dressing room to see all the stylist holing something like clothes and staring at me, i stood there with a horrified look.


Justin's prov

I just finished up getting dressed i was wearing a white tank, white pants, white jacket, white Supra and just straight up looked sexy. I walked out to have my mouth hanging to the floor "Rose is that you" I said barely audible. " Is it that bad" She whispered. she was wearing a white mini dress, a black jacket that was studded, hightop i guess that was her idea, she had her long blonde hair that was flowy i've never seen it cause she's always in a beanie or snapback, she had the most prettiest blue eyes that you melt into, the best figure ever she had curves but she was like a size zero, and her tall nice legs oh my gosh i guess i never payed attention to how beautiful she was.


Rose's prov

"Oh my god Rose you look beautiful" Ariana shrieked, causing everybody to look at me. "Why hide yourself gosh your just my gosh imazinga don't have a word to describe you" Pattie exclaimed. "How bout ugly" Selena sneered behind me. Justin came behind me wrapped his arms around Selena's waist and whispered into my ear "You'll never be beautiful" okay that hurt. "Guys come on let's go show's staring Rose your up first, Justin your playing piano for Rose" Scooter shouted. We said our prayers and went out. I came out singing Skyscraper while Justin was playing piano. 


Justin's prov

She has the most angelic voice ever, no joke ugh why do i bully her. That bitch did hurt Selena though, like yesterday Selena had all these bruises on her stomach and she told me Rose was jealous of her and beat her up. But my god today i really thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world but i had to scare her. After her i did my concert, Ariana performed, Selena performed, Carly, Rose danced with me, and the show was just great. "great job guys and Rose you have the most angelic voice ever and those dance moves gosh girl you just amazing" Scooter exclaimed. "was that Rose performing" Ryan asked. I gulped Ryan tortured me a lot gosh he has to be on tour too along with Chaz. "Yeah that was can't you believe it she's so talented she'll be on tour with us" Pattie exclaimed, Ryan and Chaz smirked. Oh no. "Why don't we go out to eat and then we can head back to the buses." Pattie exclaimed. I went back to my dressing room and decided to wear a black short dress with lace on the arms and it was like skin tight the sleeves were full sleeves, my black net beanie, black nerd glasses, and my black high top converse. I was waiting for everybody to finish when Selena came out wearing a really short/tight white dress, white pumps, a lot of makeup, and her hair straighten. Justin wore black skinny jeans, a black v-neck, and black/white snapback. Pattie wore a knee length army green dress with black heels. Scooter wore a checkered dress shirt with jeans and dress shoes. Ryan wore jeans, white v-neck and supras. chaz wore jeans and a hollister shirt with sneakers. "Alright let's gooooo" Chaz shouted. Ariana was wearing a pink dress like them one in the way. "So Rose why are you always so shy" Alfredo asked. I just shrugged my shoulders. "You know Justin we might get you to do a duet with Rose" Scooter said. "I don't know if her voice goes with my angelic voice" Justin teased. "Justin i think her voice will go perfectly i mean her voice is really good like you could hear her sing everyday" Chaz said accidentally but covered his mouth after. "I agree it would be so cute and we could also do a music  video" Patiie exclaimed. So after a while we got to the restaurant and we ordered everybody got Steak and I got a salad. After our orders came i was just sorta staring at my food and looking at everyone digging in. "Rose why aren't you eating" Scooter asked. "I am see" I took a little bit of my salad and forced it into my mouth. "rose i'm serious your like a toothpick" Pattie said. "More like a hippo" Selena mumbled. I looked down at stared at my food. "I don't feel well" I said quietly. After everybody finished except for me we headed back to our buses. I went grabbed a pair of night shorts that show some cuts and bruises on my legs, and a long sleeve shirt, and put my my hair in a messy bun. When i walked back in the room Selena and Justin were doing it on our bed, so i walked out of the room and slept on the couch. 


Justin's prov

Me and selena were going crazy in bed and Rose didn't come int he room which was good. after hours we fell asleep.

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