This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


29. Sunday

Rose's prov

Ugh why does school have to exist, i don't want to go tomorrow. I was currently playing my guitar i was still in my pajamas. I was playing I was actually trying to write a song it's called Right There (I know that's Ariana's but it's a good song and i couldn't come up with anything else) It actually sounded really good.

(Pretend that's her)

Karen: Rose come down here

Rose: Yea mom

Karen: So I know you like to dance so i think we should head out to the studio

Rose: Mom that's nothing new I always go there

Karen: Okay so me and Pattie are going out so we want you Justin, and Selena to go down there and maybe mess around

Rose: Why do you guys always want us together you know i don't dance in front of people

Karen: Listen okay i know you don't like it but you can go there or an indoor water park

Rose: Were going to the studio
I'd rather go to the studio than go to a indoor water park and wear a bikini.

I went into my room to change into this


I covered my body with foundation and put this  hoodie on

I also grabbed my black nerd glasses

Karen: Rose come down here to eat

I dragged myself down there to see Pattie, Justin, and Selena all eating at the dinner table pancakes, french toast sticks, fruit salad, eggs, bacon, sausage, and orange juice.

Justin was wearing

Selena was wearing

I sat down and just took some fruit salad and tried eating a few bites from it

Pattie: Okay so anyone excited to dance

Justin: Mom why do you want us to dance

Pattie: well because you have a concert here and you need to practice

Selena: Then why are we dancing with him

Pattie: Quality time you know

Karen: But you guys can always go to an indoor water park

Rose: NO- um i mean no let's dance instead

Pattie: Come on let's leave

I quickly ran of my set grabbed mt beats by dre. they were purple i got them off the counter and ran in the car before anyone else. I was listening to music while waiting

Justin: What's the hurry

I took my headphones off and saw Justin was talking to me

Rose: oh um hi

Justin: What's the hurry

Rose: Oh I was just excited to go to the studio

Justin: So you like dancing

Rose: No- i mean yeah

Justin: So tomorrow's school

Rose: Yup, so your coming to our school tommorrow

Justin: Yup, so you one of those popular chicks

Rose: haha no

Justin: So your the nerdy girl

Rose: You got that right

I put my headphones back in and waited.

10 minutes later

We arrived to the studio and i left The car for the studio i usually go to

Selena: So what are we going to do in this big empty dance studio

Justin: dance and play around

Justin walked over and started the music which was fall

Justin: So anyone wanna dance this song with me

Selena: This really isn't my song

Justin: Rose wanna dance

I took my hoodie of and went next to Justin

Justin: Alright let's get the moves down

we got the moves down pretty quickly and we reviewed it like this

Justin: That was great i didn't know you dance

Rose: um

Selena: Justin look i learned how to do a flip

After like 1 minute Justin was going around doing flips with Selena all around the studio

Justin: Rose can you do a flip

Selena: I bet you she can't

i did a front aerial to a full twist and ended with the splits.

Justin: Woah

Selena: I can do that

rose: no you'll get hurt

Justin: So how did you learn that anyway

Rose: I don't know i just did it

Selena: Can we just get back to dancing

Justin: So what song now

Rose: Bang?

Justin: Ohhhh LET'S DO THAT ONE

Selena: I don't know how to do that one

Justin: It's okay babe you can watch us

It looked like

Justin: Dang girrrrll

Rose: Haha

Selena: Let's do Booty Work

Rose: Um

Selena: We'll do it you're way

rose: Ugh fine

Justin: I'm tired i'll watch

Justin: Any why are you not famous yet Rose

Rose: I'm horrible

Selena: Well i'm all sweaty so now i'm going home you two can stay here

Justin: I'll take you to the car

Rose: As soon as they left i started the music back up again and danced

As soon as i finished i heard clapping from behind me it was Justin

Rose: Oh hi

Justin: So you just don't know how you did that either

Rose: I don't know i was just playing around

Karen: Oh hey guys

Pattie: Let's go home tomorrow you guys have school.

We got home and i took a shower and changed into pajamas and fell asleep



I know that was boring but i'll write better for the next chapter

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