This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


17. song writing day

Rose's prov

When i woke up it was just raining outside so basically it felt like such a lazy day, i dragged myself out of bed and saw Justin still sleeping if you didn't know we sleep next to each other on a king bed. I did whatever and decided to wear

since it was just a lazy day but i couldn't forget my black nerd glasses, i wear the glasses like on the bus never at the concerts. So I dragged myself to the dining area where suprisingly i found a note


Dear Justin and Rose,

Well the whole crew is going to be out today so you won't see any of us. Well we want you guys to write some songs today so we locked the bus door so you can't escape. Well sorry but we know Justin likes to ditch and go out but don't blame all of us this was Ryan and Scooter's idea. Have fun and if you are wondering where we are, where at a resort so HA!

Love, the crew


What why a whole day with this monster ugh my life just had to be this way. I put the note in it's place and grabbed an apple and watched T.V.


Justin's prov

I woke up and nobody was next to me so i got up and went to the dining area i found a note (You guys already read the note) WHAT I don't want to work with that freak especially since me and Selena beat her up yesterday i mean awkward, but she is somewhat pretty wait no scratch that she's like amazingly beautiful, she'd never like me. I was just wearing this because it's a lazy day and it's comfortable

I grabbed a lot of bacon and pancakes and sat next to Rose while she was eating an apple, we were watching the walking dead

Justin: So when do you want to get started on the song

Rose: Um i don't know

Justin: Let's watch another episode and start

Rose: Yeah okay

After 45 minutes

Rose's prov

So right now me and Justin are on the couches just listing ideas for songs, so far we came up with two songs. (You guys i'm just gonna name random duet songs they'll be real songs but Justin actually never did sing those songs" So i had an idea for a song called Just give me a reason. It actually has good lyrics and a nice harmony to it.

Justin: These songs are really good

Rose: yea

Justin: Wanna grab a bite

Rose: um sure

So since we couldn't go anywhere, we went to the famous kitchen. I had some salad while Justin grabbed a burger with fries, we sat in the dining area and began eating

Justin: Why do you wear glasses i mean your eyes are beautiful

Rose: I don't know

Justin: You know your really pretty

Rose: You said i was ugly

Justin: I guess sometimes words slip

Rose: Well those slipped words hurt very much

He put his hand on my thigh while looking on his phone

Rose: Justin stop

Justin: Stop what

Rose: You have a girlfriend

Justin: Hey i just have my hand on your thigh

Rose: Justin really

Justin: Stop acting like you don't like it

Rose: You know what do what you want i'll just sit here quietly looking through my phone like i've done for years

He grabbed my and from under the table and interwind our fingers while just using the phone. Ugh why do i give in so easily he's my bully for crying out loud. I got up grabbed the guitar wrote some notes while Justin was playin temple run.

After hours it was getting late so we decided to go to bed. I changed into sleeping shorts and a t-shirt cause it was a little hot but nice because it was raining it felt calm. In bed Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and fell asleep so close to me.

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