This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


38. secrets

Rose's prov

I woke up alone while everyone had someone to sleep with but that's life right. I got up and quickly brushed my teeth and put a messy bun and changed into leggings and a full sleeved long high low sweater top and wore my glasses and wore my fuzzy socks. I ran downstairs and everybody was getting up and going to the bathrooms.

Chaz: What time is it

Ariana: It's about 1 and it's pouring rain outside while thundering and the trees and shaking and it's dark out and i just saw a tree fall

Rose: Serious

I looked outside and it was true

Miley: Well I guess were staying

Rose: Make yourself at home

Ryan: no prob

ryan jumped on my bed and layed down

Selena: Where's Justin

Miley: ditched you already? Just kidding

Selena: Whatever

Justin: Here I am

Selena: Where were you

Justin: the bathroom

Rose: Why don't we do something

Miley: Truth or dare

We all sat on my bed in a circle

Chaz: Who's first

Selena: Someone ask me

Miley: Truth or dare

Selena: Dare

Miley: I dare you to sit on Ryan's lap

Selena: No prob

Ryan: Nooooo

Selena: Haha sorry but a dare's a dare and remember Justin it's just a dare

Justin: Okay

Miley whispered in my ear

Miley: She's such a slut

Rose: I guess

Selena: Chaz truth or dare

Chaz: Truth

Selena: Tell us your crush and why you like her or him lol

Chaz: It's a girl okay and um I like her cause she's beautiful and perfect in every way, her smile shine like a millions of miles away, and when she laughs my heart just feels complete, i'm in love with her, her personaslity and everything I never felt this way with anyone else and I know for sure that i'm in love with her

Rose: Aww so who is this lucky girl

Chaz: it's um Ariana -blushing hardcore-

Ariana: aww really -blushing-

Chaz: yea -blushing-

Ariana: Well I feel like i love you too

Chaz: Really?

Ariana: Yea

Everyone: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

They kissed which was so cute and romantic

Ryan: Justin truth or dare

Justin: Dare duh

Ryan: Dare you too

Ryan whispered something into Miley's ear and she whispered something back

Ryan: Dare you to kiss Rose

right then the lights went out

Miley: Great electricity's out

Rose: It's alright you know

someone put their hand on my knee and someone whispered in my ear  and I knew it was Justin

Whispering part

Justin: It's gonna be alright

Rose: ye-a I kn-o-w

Justin: We never really finished our dare

Rose: Umm

I felt his breath on my cheek, he left a kiss on my cheek

Justin: i'm not done yet

Rose: Justin you have a girlfriend

Justin: yea but my girlfriend is right now sitting on someone's lap

Rose: Cause that was a dare

Justin: well so is this

before i could speak Miley interrupted us and I was so thankful I mean i love what no he's my bully I hate him he caused so much pain but yet I still like him my god life's so confusing

Miley: Rose you there

Rose: y-ea i'm good

Miley: So we were saying how we should go hit downstairs Ryan found some flashlights and other stuff

Rose: yea let's go right now

We were walking down as carefully as we could

Ryan: we here

we sat on the couches and like 2 minutes later the lights came on

Selena: Finally

Ryan: We never finished truth or dare

Rose: I think we finished a longgg time ago

Miley: Do it Do it Do it

He leaned in on me while i tried to stay calm and then I felt a pair of moist lips on mine and it was one of the world's best feelings ever until we heard Selena's cough I felt these fireworks and all these feelings i mean am i the only one who feels this

Miley: Woah

Justin and Rose: yea that was...

Selena: Why dont we do something else

Ariana: Miley and Rose I need to talk to you

We walked up to her in the kitchen it was only us three

Rose: yea

Miley and Ariana: You like and are falling in love with Justin

rose: Whatt no phhhh what are you talking about

Ariana: Oh stop lying i'm smart enough to know when you lie

Miley: Yup

Rose: Okay fine you know i don't lie and yes maybe i do have some feelings for him

Miley: Yes we knew it you guys look perfect together

Rose: Why don't we get back


Justin's prov

the kiss was just something i could never forget, i just felt so many feelings i mean i always liked her and this kiss was just to assure i really do like her. her soft moist lips it felt amazing.

Ryan: Hey Justin were watching movies let's gooo

The rest of the night we watched movies and eventually fell asleep


Hey sorry for never updating but i'm on vacation and we finally got wifi i'll try making more interesting please leave me comments on what i should write about i might start a new movella so yea please i love you guys, your the best :)



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