This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


46. School

Rose's prov

I stared out the window as my camera focused trying to capture the perfect movement of the leaves, yeah i know to some people this would be boring but whatever i mean i like to do this so whatever. It was 6:00 a.m. so school isn't for another hour or so. I grabbed my guitar and tried to practice my whistle notes, actually I learned whistle notes when i was singing a Maria Carey song so yea ever since then i've been just doing them lol. Anyway I grabbed my guitar and strted strumming, why did I wake up so early, to enjoy the beauty of morning and well my alarm clock. I went into my closet and changed into

I heard someone knock on the door so I went downstairs, when I opened the door I saw a HUGE baskets full of SOUR PATCH KIDS and tons of bags and single sour patch kids, of them and everything it was so cute like i could've cried, but then I saw a note peek out it read



Well I guess you won the bet so enjoy these sour patch kids,

Even though you won, I believe I won because I got an amazing kiss from an amazing girl

Anyway Great job you beat the Bieber

See you at school xoxo


Just another reason to fall for him harder, no i can't he's Justin, I can't can't. whatever this boy is trying to do to me is working, i popped a sour patch kid in my mouth and grabbed my car keys and backpack. I left my house to be greeted by the leaves and wind blowing I love fall. I sat in my car wondering how this day will go. I started my car and headed out to school.


Justin's prov

We were all hanging by my lockers, by saying we I was referring to Ariana, Chaz, Ryan, Selena, and well ofcourse me

Ariana: I don't understand if you like her so much why don't you just tell her

Justin: well actually I shoul-

Selena: The more you hang out with me, the more she'll get jealous, and want you more

Ariana: I'm just saying Rose isn't like that

Selena: I know a lot about this okay so

Ariana: rose doesn't get jealous and by pushing her away won't make her want you more Justin

Selena: Yes it will

Justin: guy-

There stood the most beautiful girl walking in, with her head looking at the ground. Why? She looked so timid so gentle, and her flawless face, her eyes, her laughter, her personality, oh god so many reasons to fall for her.. hard. She carefully opened her locker and put away her things, getting uncomfortable when people would pass by. she put away her stuff and grabbed her things for class, then came over walking in our direction.

Chaz: Stop drooling over her and clean up shes coming!
I quickly wrapped my hands around Selena trying to pay attention to their conversation.


Rose's prov

Ariana: Heyyy

rose: Hey

Ryan and Chaz: HEyyyy Gurrrlll

Rose: -chuckles softly- hi

Justin: Hey shawty

Rose: Oh um -blushes- hi

Selena: Are we done with all these hellos, hello rose

Rose: Hi

Ariana: So wat up

Rose: Nothin much

Ryan: OMG you guys Ashleys comin

Ariana: Um yea so

Ryan: look at her

Chaz: Well I already have my eyes fixed on a gorgeous amazing girl

Ariana: Who?

Chaz: you silly

Rose: awww

Justin let go of Selena's wait and whispered in my ears

Justin: So did you love the sour patch kids

Rose: Thank you so much It was amaing -blushing-

Justin: No problem, anything for a princess

Ariana: AWWWWW

Ryan: you huys need to date already

Selena: Justin I think were getting late for class

rose: same

I walked off to Mrs.Plaza's class, even though me and Justin have the same classes I didn't bother walking with him, it looks like him and Selena wanted their time together and I will not get in the middle of it.



I parked my car and ran straight to my room to finish my homework. Yeah say whatever but I don't like doing my homework later. Anyway when I finally finished my homework, I turned on my IPOD,and went to the bathroom and washed my face. I combed through my hair and put in a messy bun. I changed my clothes and wore leggings, a hoodie and my fuzzy socks. I walked downstairs and got me sour patch kids while I turned on the T.V. and began watching some random things. 


Hi guys please i'm sort of lost what i want to write so please comment



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