This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


30. School

Rose's prov

I feel so worthless sometimes. I'm up wide awake actually on my window bench looking at the late summer or fall weather. I blasted my music knowing my mom's at work and walked over to my closet and picked out


after that I applied a layer of eos lip balm. I saw that i have time left so i guess i just decide to play around.


Justin's prov


Justin: Thanks for being my alarm mom

Pattie: Oh no problem sweetie

I dragged myself up and went to the bathroom to do whatever. I went into my closet and got out

and styled my hair like that too. I rushed downstairs cause I was hungry for breakfast.

Pattie: So you excited

Justin: I guess

Pattie: Okay well you better leave dude

I chuckled and quickly finished my pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I grabbed the keys to my Ferrari and went out to the driveway


Rose's prov

I quickly went out of my house carrying my skateboard

It's my newest one

I got out to the driveway there i spotted Justin getting in his car. I got on my skateboard and made my way admiring the weather. In a few minutes I reached in school there were people crowding someone let me guess Justin arrived. I shoved through the crowds and got to my locker finally! As I got my books out someone shut my locker

Whitney: Long time no see bitch

I opened my locker again and finished grabbing my books and shut my locker and continued walking to class.

Whitney: Never walk away from me again

She pushed me onto the ground and continuously slapped me while some of her other bitches punched me but I was stronger I could handle that. I got myself up and walked into my class. I was headed to the back room where I usually sit. While I was walking someone tripped me over and it was Britney apparently she's so used to this she was making out with someone wait that was Justin. The class grew into laughter but I shrugged it off and went to my seat in the back and took out a book to read until Mr. Apple came in.

Mr.Apple: So class anyone wanna share what they did over the weekend

Whitney: My daddy bought me a whole new wardrobe

Josh: Me and my dad went fishing

Britney: My daddy took me to the mall

Ryan: Me and my dad went shopping together

Hearing this reminded me of my dad. I missed him so bad

I put my head on the desk and let a couple of tears run

Mr.Apple: Rose are you okay

Britney: She's just jealous her dad died and has no dad

Mr.Apple: Britney to the office

Britney: I was only stating facts

Mr.Apple: NOW

Britney: rose your such an attention whore

I just looked down the whole time I mean what did I do to deserve this kind of shit. The boring class continued and the bell for lunch rang. I grabbed my books and headed to the music room where I take my time to calm down before I slap someone. I went to the piano and played Stay by Rihanna. Time passed and I sneaked back out and went back to class. I had music so I went to my locker to put away some books. By my locker Justin and Britney were making out wow I feel so bad for Selena!

Britney: What are you looking at bitch

I turned around and sprinted back to the music room waiting for the other students to come in. After a minute the students came in and I guess Justin was in this class also WOO HOO (Note the sarcasm) he's been in all my classes and this is my last class so I guess he's in all my classes.

Mrs. Isaac: So class, anyone know how to drum

Nobody raised there hands

Mrs. Isaac: Justin darling come down here and play the drums to demonstrate

Justin: Sure

He played the drums and he's actually really good

Mrs. Isaac: Any girl who knows how to drum, I guess i'm just gonna pick random names

She took her hat that was filled with our names, She picked

Mrs.Isaac: Rose come down here

Rose: Oh um I don't know how to

Mrs.Isaac: just try doing what Justin did

I walked to the drums and got the drum sticks from Justin

Mrs.Isaac: Whenever you ready

I began playing as Justin played but I brought my own mix and made it way more amazing then he did lol

Mrs.Isaac: WOAH I thought you don't know how to play

Rose: Um

Mrs.Isaac: Class let's give this talented young girl an applause

The class actually clapped for me and i smiled like a real smile for once. the class went on about different instruments and how to play them. As soon as the bell rang I went to my locker and quickly got my books, and my skateboard. I got on my skateboard and continued to ride home. I got home and went to the driveway when Justin was just beginning to leave his Ferrari.

Justin: Hey awesome job on the drums i've never seen a girl actually play like that

Rose: Thanks

I came into the house and quickly ran up to my room and blasted my music and got started on my homework. After I Finished I got into my dance clothes

I kept my hair in my messy bun and covered my body in foundation. I grabbed my Skateboard and headed out to the dance studio.


Justin's prov

I was so bored I actually finished my homework when I got a call from Scooter

Scooter: Justin get to the dance studio

Justin: Why

Scooter: You have a couple of concerts so were going to practice

Justin: yea yea I know the drill

I changed into

and went out the door to the dance studio.


Rose's prov

I went into the studio where my instructors and other dancers were. We were a pretty big dance company but I love this team because they're great dancers and are like my second family.



I laughed she was my best friend but she didn't come to my school. As soon as I came I was tackled in a hug.

Instructors Chris, Sam, and Olivia: Alright guys form into your positions let's start dancing.

Sam: Alright nice job guys

Chris: Rose Why don't you dance

Rose: Fo Sure Chris haha


So as you can see i'm so relaxed and care free in the studio you know.

Avery: Girl you got them moves

I laughed at that

Chris: Listen up, Scooter Braun as you know, wants a friendly competition between their Believe team against out IaMme team so let's head over to the big studio and we have to dance to a Justin Bieber song so let's kick some but

dancers: Woooo

I got some water and we walked over to the big studio where they were practicing

Scooter: Hey Chris ready to get your butt beaten

Chris: Are you sure that won't be you

Scooter: Look at our team

Chris: Let's just get this on

Scooter: We'll go first

Chris: Alright, Alright that was good but were up

Scooter: WOAH

Chris: So How were they

Justin: They were WOAH

Scooter: The judge will actually be LIL MAMA

LIL MAMA: Scooter seriously I already choose IaMme god that was easy you guys are amazing

Avery: Thank you we try

Lil Mama: Haha anyway Chris who's your blonde in the group

Chris: Rose

Lil Mama: Rose great job you actually really stood out

Chris: Alright team you may be dismissed

I quickly got Lil Mama's autograph and got my skateboard and headed out. I was just riding home in the nice cool weather it was really relaxing. I got home and went to the dinner table and made myself a salad, took a shower, and watched T.V. for a while.


Justin's prov

Rose she was so amazing why can't I get this girl out of my mind. I was laying in bed thinking about how amazing she was I mean she danced like she belonged there on the stage. I fell asleep within 5 minutes.



Guys can you please give me more suggestions on what to write and like any ideas. Thanks for commenting, liking and reading you guys are the best! <3


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