This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


28. Saturday

Rose's prov

It was a gloomy day and i was just reading on my window bench. I was wearing

I know beautiful right just kidding it was a boring day so yea and i actaully had my blonde hair up in a ponytail. I couldn't forget my nerd glasses. So there i was sitting on my window bench reading and listening to music it was just one of those calm moments.


Justin's prov

I just woke up and changed into [ignore the guitar and mike]

I ran downstairs and scarfed down my pancakes and went back upstairs to watch t.v.

As i was just watching i heard music blaring so i moved aside my curtain and saw Rose dancing to music and she was singing along. Woah she can dance but at the same time she looked flawless even wearing sweatpants.

Pattie: Justin come down here

Justin: yea mom

Pattie: We're heading out to the mall with Karen and Rose so get ready were leaving in 10 minutes

Justin: Can Selena come

Pattie: (sighs) again, oh fine

I ran upstairs and decided to leave my outfit and called Selena.


Rose's prov

Why does my mom hate me so much always wanting me go to the mall and now we have to go with Justin and his mom not that i mind Pattie but today i wanted to just relax and i bet you Selena is coming. I dragged myself into the shower and let the warm water hit my gross body. I did what i did and went into the closet and changed into

(hair is longer and a lighter blonde)

( weird pic but them nerd glasses)

I got out of my room and went into the family room to watch T.V.


Justin's prov

Me and my mom just got out of the house and were in the car with rose and her mom and let me tell you that girl is so beautiful. I wish i could kiss those pink plump lips and her figure just drive me crazy and those eyes just so bright but hidden behind those glasses.

Pattie: So did you tell Selena that were picking her up

Justin: Oh um yea

After like 2 minutes Selena came out of the house wearing

i mean she looked hot and all but i mean were only going to mall.


Rose's prov

I was in the back of the jeep listening to my music while Justin and Selena were being all being lovey and just ew.

Pattie: Alright you two break it up, were here

I got out of the car and took my headphones out cause the mall had music playing too.

Karen: So where should we go first

Selena: FOREVER 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pattie: let's go!!!!!!!!!!

We entered forever 21 and the firs place i went to is the shoes cause i'm sorta obssesed with shoes no heels but like sneakers. I guess Justin was forced here by Selena cause he was sitting on chair waiting to see her come out show him a dress and then it repeats. I picked out a couple of sneakers and was looking for more

Karen: Rose can you come here for me

I went over by my mom where she was by the waiting right by Selena and Pattie was seated onto a chair that means-- oh no please god no

Karen: Come on go try these on

Rose: But mom-

Karen: No buts

She shoved me into a fitting room. I looked at the clothes and i hated everyone of them.

Karen: rose don't try to stall on me

I sighed and put this on

shorts and i instantly regretted ever coming here

Karen: Come out sweetie

Rose: Mom don't make me

Pattie: Come on

i dragged myself out there earning stares from Selena, Justin, Mom, and Pattie

Karen: We are totally getting that

Pattie: Agreed

Selena: What size do you wear

Rose: Um xs

Selena: Im a medium but i'll buy that size and squeeze

Justin: Woah

Rose: I'm totally not getting this mom

Karen: Come on you can't live on cardigans and sweaters your whole life

Rose: Please this isn't my style

Karen: -sighs-

Pattie: Justin what do you think about this outfit

Justin: I think she should get it it looks great on her

Rose: I will not get this

Karen: We can go to the bookstore

Pattie: Unlimited books if you get all the outfits we choose

Karen: And a trip to the music store

Rose: Promise

Karen and Pattie: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose: FINE nut nothing to crazy!

I went back into the fitting room to see all the outfits they picked out





[front back view of the dress]

i picked out

and these

(both of the studded vans)


Rose: Mom can we leave now

Karen: Fine where to next

Rose and Justin: Supra store!

Pattie: Fine

Rose: yesssssssssssssssss

Selena: Fine but we have have to go to Aeropostale after

Karen and Pattie: Agreed

Rose: you guys are so girly i swear

I rushed into the store and quickly spotted these

Karen: Rose i think those are enough

Pattie: Justin i think that's enough

Rose: Fine

Justin: ugh i don't want to go to those girly shops

Karen: Were going to aeropostale

Justin: fine!

We then left to Aeropostale and got

Karen: Alright i think we can go now

rose: Hold on you still have to take me to the bookstore and music store

Pattie: She has a good memory

Karen: Fine

I rushed to the bookstore and as soon as i enter Justin Bieber- Fall (love that song by the way) was playing. Okay i like that song so i don't mind

Justin: I guess i'm famous in nerd land too

I scoffed and concentrated back to the books. I picked out these books

and we payed and left to the music store.

Selena: Are you really going to read those all

Karen: Trust me she will

Rose: Mom seriously

I rushed into the music store and really Justin Bieber music again (I love Justin Bieber)

Justin: I exist everywhere now

I scoffed again and went to the cd's

I got a lot like a lot

Rose: Okay now can we go home

Pattie: Yea

We finally got home but of course my mom invited them inside for dinner cause weve been shopping all day

Justin: So Rose you play

He was pointing to the piano

Rose: I just know a few notes

Pattie: Play for us

Rose: I rea-

Pattie: Oh come on

i sat down on the piano bench and played

(listen to this while you're reading she plays it really good)

Pattie: I thought you only knew a few notes

Rose: um

Karen: You should listen to her when nobody's home

Rose: Mom

Justin: You played that really well

Rose: Uh thanks

Karen: Rose why don't you take these guys upstairs while me and Pattie talk

I took them up to my room but her Justin already saw it so whatever

Selena: Your room is really neat

Justin: You play guitar, drums, violen too

Rose: Just freetime

Selena: Woah you have a lot of books

Rose: I guess

Justin: so what do you want to do

Rose: Um

Karen: Dinner's ready

Whew thanks mom for that save, I got to the dinner table and saw it was spaghetti with meatball, salad, bread, and cake. yum. I served myself some spaghetti and grabbed some salad.

Pattie: So Rose, any future plans

Rose: Um i don't know

Pattie and Karen: Nonsense

Rose: Woah ewkay

Pattie: You have an amazing voice you can play all sorts of instruments why not try the Hollywood life

Rose: You know mom this spaghetti's really good

Karen: You were already in th-

Rose: oh would you look at the time i'm so tired from that disgusting place of a mall i'm going to bed

I suddenly ran from my seat went to my room and began changing into my pjs which were

I crawled into bed and instantly fell asleep.



Hey i'm sorry i'm not writing it's just my brothers use the computer A LOT so i really can't use it. Im not really getting comments telling me if i should continue so i think i might end the story. Any way comment like and continue reading! :)

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